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Question: Newbie seeking advice on male waxing. Is it painful?

Asked by dritchie 2 years ago

8 answers

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thetreatmentden 2 years ago

I specialise in Male waxing and indeed train others in the art of waxing guys.

This is the most common question I get asked. In short no not really. There is a slight sting when the hair is removed, but other then that no.

Some areas are more painful then others, but nothing that is unbearable.

Sources: http://www.waxingforguys.co.uk

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AdancedBeauty 2 years ago

I also do male waxing and i agree with thetreatmentden couldnt have put it better x

LucieLAE 2 years ago

I do body sugaring which is much gentle method than waxing without skin irritation after a treatment. All my guys love it. And painful? Every single person has different pain threshold, you have to only pick up your courage and try it. Some people think is like a massage, some feel discomfort at the beginning till you get use to it. Good luck! :)

Sources: http://www.landaevolution.com/

ianh67 2 years ago

I also do male waxing in Solihull, at the begining yes but it doesn't last long and the more times you have waxing then the less painful (ish) it is. failing that you could also try shaving or clippers, but it doesn't last as long as you don't get the root out.

Sources: http://www.caduceus.vpewb.co.uk

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ianh67 2 years ago

ops meant http://www.caduceus.vpweb.co.uk

SkinDeepBeauty 2 years ago

If your a newbie my advice would be to go to the best in the business and that is Andy from Axiom Bodyworks. He is not only a great technician he trains others his technique.

Rachel-Higgins 2 years ago

Hi dritchie,
Waxing is a little uncomfortable yes, there is a slight sting but I wouldn't call it painful, if you put a sticky plaster on your hairy leg or arm and pull it off, the sensation you feel is very similar to waxing, but the more you have waxing done the more you get used to it :o)

lirio 2 years ago

I do male waxing, I trained I use very good wax not too painful. I'm based in Bromley kent thanks

Sources: Http://http://www.relaxingmassagetherapy.co.uk

StudioSalonJaneUK 1 year ago

I am qualified and experienced male therapist and perform waxing for men (and women). I work from a home based studio (or will travel) and offer great prices. eg. £30 for BSC first time and £25 after

Sources: salonjaneuk.co.uk

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