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Question: how long does it last

Asked by andys 5 years ago

7 answers

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Georgios-Tzenichristos 5 years ago

Cellulite is basically caused by too much eating, drinking and sitting on your bum :)
After a course of celulite reduction treatments if you do the same things that led to the creation of cellulite, obviously cellulite will come back. On the other hand if you live healthily cellulite will not come back.
Now given that most women (people in general) are not perfect when it comes to eating, drinking and exercising, regular maintenance treatments are needed to keep cellulite at bay if you do not adhere 100% to a healthy regime. I would say once a fortnight are ideal if you take care 60% of the time and once a month are ideal if you are a good girl 80% of the time.
If you are good 100% of the time you don't need any maintenance treatments. Simple!

Sources: http://www.lipotherapeia.com/cellulite-questions-answers/how-to-get-rid-of-cellulite-about-cellulite-removal-cellulit.html

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WestLondonColonics 1 year ago

i agree

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Bodyzone 5 years ago

It is recommanded between 10 and 15 treatments of Lipomassage, twice per week, until the desired result is achieved. Then, monthly maintenance (once per month) is recommanded. If you exercise and drink water is great but not that you have to.

jhart1990 5 years ago

Depending on what you want to achieve I have a new product line of supplements that would benefit all of your health wants and needs. They are enzyme based and natural. I have seen many great results from these and take them daily myself. Let me know if you would like to hear more information. Thanks so much. Jenn

beautydetoxspa 5 years ago

Try our course of celulite massage treatments, this will help brake down the fat cells and also with the aid of our Lipo Infra-Light Massage. A healthy life style and a good diet are all important.

Sources: http://www.drmichaelprager.com/lipo-smooth.php

serbugabi 5 years ago

The body contouring I do, involves a detoxification of the body. It is permanent and it does help if you do a series of six (every week) along with a better controlled diet and some exercise. Most people noticed weight loss as well as inch loss.

Sources: massagebygabi.com

LipoAdvisor 2 years ago


Of course it depends on which technique you will use (tumescent, dry, laser, ultrasonic - i strongly suggest not to use Dry lipo, its a dangerous option though it can remove more fat)!

But mostly it depends on your diet and whether you will include work outs in your routine! Fat will come back if you don't opt for a healthy, balanced diet! Besides its highly suggested that you follow a strength work outs program that will boost your metabolism making it easier for you to maintain your weight

Sources: http://www.lipoadvisor.com/dry-liposuction/

WestLondonColonics 1 year ago

Hi , I am Julia Rhodes of West London Colonics.
Colonics are helpful ( as a part of a) weight reduction program. By working on systemic issues, local problems are helped too. Extends to things like cellulite too, although by no means is that the primary focus of action.

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