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Question: Are tear trough fillers safe?

Asked by  micaelasto 1 year ago

4 answers


What's the best place in London to have them done?

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 wellnessdoc 1 year ago

Micaelasto -
Tear trough fillers are safe when performed by an experienced injector., however, there are general risk associated with any injectiable. It is also important that they select the appropriate type of filler for this area. Results can be an instant improvement in reduction of dark areas and hollowing under the eye. In our clinic, we use a much softer filler for this area to avoid an "overfilling" or "bumpy" appearance. These fillers are usually a little less expensive, but generally don't last as long as others.

Dr. Darryl Pitts
Chastain Wellness Studio

Sources: Dr. Darryl Pitts, Chastain Wellness Studio

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 bodysilk 1 year ago

Tear through fillers are safe if administered by an experienced doctor. This treatment is available at our clinic. For more information, please, visit our website http://www.bodysilk.co.uk

Sources: http://www.bodysilk.co.uk


 MarianneG 1 year ago

Have you tried looking here?: http://www.wahanda.com/places/treatment-cosmetic-skin-treatments/#in=15140&p=1&x=mb

All these places offer cosmetic skin treatments in London, you could try contacting one of them.

Hope that helps!


 SaRivaa 1 year ago

Yes tear trough injections for filler are safe provided the correct filler is used and the correct injection technique is used.
The injected has to be experienced then it would be fine.

Thanks Tejal x