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Question: What can you do to add volume to thin hair that does not involve a lot of styling?

Asked by anaisa 5 years ago

32 answers

Trying to save my sensitive locks from extreme heat...

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usrussia 5 years ago

try the product by Osis or Big and sexy hair it's call "dust". all you gotta do is barely dust your hair on the top flip the head upside down and slightly dust around it. when you flip the hair it will be full already and the top of the head, just work it with your fingers. p.s. make sure not to dust too much cause it WILL get greasy!!!!!!! it works on my shot hair and my client's really long hair. you can slightly spray it with soft hold hairspray just to keep it in place if you'd like.... good luck :)

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HairBygayla 5 years ago

You can always do a rod to roller perm, no curl just lift at root. A great haircut with lots of texture to hair and products to add volume when blowdrying. My consulations are always free-678-908-4877

Sources: ww.hairbygayla.com

MelanieSmith 5 years ago

Short layers are a really easy way to add volume to thin hair. No matter what the length of your hair is, having very short layers in your hair is a "get-up-and-go easy solution that involves very little morning care

ABALLINGER 5 years ago

Hi Anaisa: I am going to answer your question based on two things I am understanding from your question. 1. You don't have a lot of time and 2. You want something that will not damage your hair. I have been a hairstylist for over twenty years and having fine hair myself my first concern is always to protect the hair and provide the service requested with the least amount of damage possible. I am not opposed to chemical services at all on fine hair but they must be done by someone who is very knowledgeable. While most people are more concerned with price than quality they tend to stray to the chain salons with the forty dollar special. Take into consideration before going that way that the products that will be used on your hair will be most likely very harsh and the end result will be a mess. Therefore my advice to you while taking these things into consideration would be this: Start with basic things and work from there. Here are a few tips:
1. Use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner (These do not have heavy moisturizers in the hair that weigh them down) **Most people tend to shy away from conditioner if they have fine hair but it is truly essential.
****Some of the great products I use are: EUFORA- Volumizing shampoo and daily balance conditioner or PUREOLOGY - volumizing shampoo and conditoner
2. Always always always finish your shampooing regimen with a cool rnse. This closes the cuticle of the hair down and provides shine
3. Towel dry very good using a squeezing technique instead of rubbing ( Hair can stretch up to fifty percent in length when wet and the rubbing method tends to create splitting and breaking.
4. Apply a small amount of volumizing solution and comb through the hair. I use PUREOLOGY - volumizing blow drying glaze
5 If time allows wrap hair up in towel while applying makeup getting dressed etc. (This llows excess moisture to be squeezed out cutting blo dry time in half and eliminating frizziness
6. When you begin to blo dry flip head upside down and move hair off your scalp for the first couple of minutes.
7. If you use a round brush on your hair be sure to direct hair up toward the ceiling and allow the hair to cool on the brush before removing.


lashley35 5 years ago

root boost by regis.. works wonders!!!!try it!

Sources: regis salon

EGarcia 5 years ago

Try a thickening spray or gel. Matrix Vavoom products work well. Also Nioxin is a really good line of shampoo, conditioners, and styling products made just for fine/thinning hair. Just the shampoo and conditioner from them does really amazing things for your hair.

MeghanNicoleLongo 5 years ago

You can start out by using Redken Body Full Shampoo & Conditioner. Once out of the shower spray Body Full Volume Amplifier all over the hair, its a thickening lift spray for fine/flat hair, then apply Body Full Instant Bodifier Volumizing foam to the roots. I use these on my thinning clients daily & we both love it. I know you don't want to bother with a lot of styling but these products from Redken work great!! I swear by them. Its a quick spray then a couple pumps, work it through the hair and blow dry as usual. To get the most volume blow dry upside down, you want the volume, you gotta do the work. You can do it girl.

Lisa570 5 years ago

You could always try a thickening mousse. I like Sebastian's thickefy foam, plus it smells nice. If you want volume, you're going to have to put some kind of effort into doing your hair. Don't turn your blow dryer on high heat, and use a round brush.

JeremyStylist 5 years ago

the shorter the hair and layers, the more lift you can get from your hair. but, depending on how thin the hair is, you run the risk of showing cut lines, and/or thinning it out too much at the bottom. all the products listed in the earlier answers work very well also, but that does involve some styling.

BrendaLee 5 years ago

You have to start with the right cut. A good stylist will explain to you how your hair tells us how long/short it likes to be in order to have the most volume possible. After that, you need professional products that stay clean in the hair as fine hair can weigh down with the wrong products. Look me up if you find yourself in Wisconsin! Abracadabra hair salon 920-882-6561

1ladystyles 5 years ago

For volume, you can either use Big and Sexy aerosol spray which gives great volume or you can do loose curls and then stick hairpins(opened bobbypins) in the areas where you want the volume. Go into your hair in an upward position to give the lift then stick the pen down into your hair for security. Hope this helps you out

Jillian-Everett 5 years ago

My recomendation is a hair styling product called "Dust It" the one we have at my salon is made by Swartchkoft abbr. SISO, my salon is Regis you may have one at your area mall. If not, go into any salon and ask for a volumizing dust. To use apply a sprinkle of dust to dry styled hair and you'll get instant volume. Hope this helps, also if you are worried about damage from heat styling get a protective styling spray.

kirby 5 years ago

you can use a thickining shampoo like the nexus and the conditoner. allow hair to dry and and roll or flat iron with out any oil because it wieghs the hair down, if you ise a n oil let it be a light oil. or you can do a perm

BrittanyLee 5 years ago

I would get extensions... With extensions, you don't have to do much styling every morning and it isn't very noticeable at all! One trip to the stylist every four weeks to get them redone is much better for your hair, and a lot less time consuming... I mean that's every time you go in for a haircut anyway! I would work a deal with my stylist to get a lower rate on upkeep for coming in so often.

sarahwoolsey 5 years ago

Product is everything! I love purology shampoo and conditioner for body. They hve a blow dry amplifier as well that works great! I am a firm believer in setting your hair up with success by using the right products on it before you even style it!

Cindy 5 years ago

Perm it.. Use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner. Do not use to much conditioner and do not put it in the top of hair.. mostly on the ends..

HairSalonPortland 5 years ago

Give you a haircut with lots of structure would be first on my list, I use the "Volumetrix" technique, this is a condensed cutting technique that builds structure and volume into your style. The next would be to use a light weight styling product and blow dry the hair the way I cut it, the volume is cut in there, blow drying the way it was cut will accentuate the volume.

Sources: http://www.pdxhair.com

MartinRodriguez 5 years ago

Remember hair products are out there to help us achieve hairstyling try to use a texture spray without alcohol and without wax to achieve volume and protection.
For styling non heavy creams will help as well.

KimWood 5 years ago

Use some root pump by sexy concepts... Before u blowdry. Then while blowdrying dry hair opposite way then how u are gonna wear it case after cooling rhe opposite way it will have that bubbble to give you volume... Don't use hairspray that a pump and arosole . Hope that helps...

ColourQueen55 5 years ago

To add volume you can apply a root lifter such as Alterna Caviar styling tonic, or Tri Protein Bodifier. Flip your head upside down and dry the roots. Flip head up, and finish drying your hair. Backcomb the roots to add extra support and spray lightly with hairspray. Aerosols work best on fine hair as they don't weigh the hair down.
You can also get highlights to plump up the hair or have texture cut into the layers of your hair to give lift.

nikkistyles1968 5 years ago

Pureology Blow dry Amplifier works wonders! Have interior texture added to your haircut and you'll have some excellent volume!!

capellidamore 5 years ago

well, this is sound like: can i be a doctor without going to school... Every style if its cloths or hair or whateverelse, always need some work... You gonna need some simple solution what easy for u and stick with it.. I would ask your stylist to show you few options.. Good luck

JennieV 5 years ago

My favorite way to get my clients fine hair feel thicker is Bumble and Bumble thickening spray The bottle now says hairspray tho so don't be confusedwhen you see it on the shelf. What it is is a wet spray you apply to the roots and mid shaft of your hair. Without getting too scientific pretty much it goes into the cuticle of your hair strand and pushes it out so it fattens up. Its temporary until you wash of course but a little bottle goes a loong way. Also they make a shampoo, conditioner and now a serum (similar to revito-lash ) which does the same thing and is awesome!

If you want to go the more extreme route. There is a all natural product line from Paris we have at my salon. Its called Rene Furterer They have a system called RF-80 and also one called Triphasic. Basically you get a consult to see if your hair is thinning and/or thin due to stress and hormones or any outside thing (pregnancy/chemo ) or if its a hereditary thing (male pattern baldness etc.) Its amazing. I cannot describe to you the results we have had with customers. Your on for 4 months and off for 4. Its once a week. It takes about 10 minutes. You can do it at home or purchase it and come into the salon once a week and have it applied for you. Even if you don't have any of those conditions and you just want fuller longer hair. Its amazing!

Moira 5 years ago

Get a great haircut.

Natema-Wolfe 5 years ago

Try using some sabastian thickifier after shampooing if you are blowing it out after this adds great volume and body!

JenniferG 5 years ago

Redken has a product for volume. Its in a green bottle you should use the shampoo, conditioner and volume cream together. I have used it and really liked it. Volumizing shampoo can dry the hair so If I noticed my hair getting dryer I would alternate this shampoo with a lite moisture shampoo.

5 years ago

have you tried velco rollers? back combing?

Dee68 5 years ago

when washing it, aferwards try some tressame glace, I too have fine hair, and not a lot of time to style it, so thats what I use to give it some volume. Also, you might consider a soft perm, with large rods.

jhart1990 5 years ago

A great cut. Some layering, with texturizing helps and definately the products you use and how they are used is huge!

John-Paul 5 years ago

Take 1/4 teaspoon sea salt, put in water, spray bottle. Use a blow dryer. to style, with a little hairspray, applied @ the roots. You can do the same, and allow hair to natrally air dry.

smithcassidy 5 years ago

1. Joico volume mouse all through the hair apply wet, than blowdry your hair upside down
2. Coloring your hair does add volume by opening the cuticle, going dark or light
3. Goldwell root boost (its a spray foam just apply at roots around crown, than dry hair or style as normal
3. Not to sound "out dated" but perms do give lots of body, and now they have new "beach waves" which are rolled up on square sponges" so its loose and wavy which is in style. The perm would take time but afterwards styling would take like no time because you just apply product when wet and let air dry.
Hope This Helped!

CHANGEZ 5 years ago

u can also use the line called Body Double. Im pretty sure its an Sebastian line. Check it out n see what u think.

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