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Question: Do you know of a good spa break for just one person? Most places are based on 2 people staying.

Asked by Meraud 2 years ago

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andys 2 years ago

Champneys is a great place to go on your own. There is a table at dinner time where you can sit with other guests who have come on there own, if you want .they do good offers to. Your never bored with lotsof classes and treatments to have. Hope this helps.

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Meraud 2 years ago

Thanks Andy, sounds great!

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RebeccaCrutchley 2 years ago

Luton Hoo and Grayshotts are fantastic as there's so much to do and see at both places. Also, anywhere in London is a good choice as there's shopping, restaurants, theatres etc etc - can't go wrong! Best thing to do is find somewhere you love on here, note the price and then call up the venue to book :)

bodylean 2 years ago

Where in the uk would you like to go ?

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Meraud 2 years ago

I'm not too worried about where in UK, I'm more just interested in somewhere where I don't have to pay the price for two, when there is just one of me!

Rodolfo-Valentin 2 years ago

Yes, the best spa for that purposes is the Long Island spa winner of the #1 Spa Long Island which is the Long Island Beauty Salon Spa of famous hair stylist from New York City, Rodolfo Valentin. the website for the spa is listed below. good luck!

Sources: http://www.topsalonlongisland.com

michelle81 2 years ago

Sorry i dont.

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