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Question: New year, new exercise goals.. Seeking a walking pal to enjoy Newbury, Berkshire. Anybody out there?

Asked by Tessao 2 years ago

2 answers

I work from home, which is great for the nerves but bad for the butt. I neeeeeeeed to make a good attempt at getting some daily exercise and fresh air. I would love a walking buddy for simple uncomplicated chatter and lots of laughter - oh and to help me to stay on track and get back (hah!) to that extremely elusive size 10.... Impossible goals are the most interesting and if you are game please ping me.

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Qaasen 2 years ago

I would suggest to begin walking in your neighborhood and be friendly. You might find someone very close to where you live. However, make every effort to be self motivated. Even when you find people they may not be dependable. Find a way to motivate your self. Put up as picture of a hero watch an inspirational movie(s). Give your self an extra special treat ( money etc.) at the end of the year . What ever it takes.

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Tessao 2 years ago

Hi Qaasen

Thank you for your note, and yes the goal setting has begun. I have a fabulous dress AND a picture of me wearing it a mere 3 years ago, so the game is on. Happy New Year!


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briannaifould 1 month ago

I would suggest you to ask among your friends first as getting old friends as partners is a great motivation in itself. Walking around in the neighbourhood will also help in finding walking partners. I would also say that don't rely on anyone. Just go out there and start walking. Motivation is a fire from within. If someone else tries to light that fire under you, chances are it will burn very briefly. Try to self motivate as much as possible. Happy New Year and Happy Walking!

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