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Question: I have osteoarthritis in the spine and have put weight on, can Aqua Aerobics help?

Asked by  nannyspecks 1 year ago

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I have put weight on because of being inactive. I have a number of health issues, including osteoarthritis, high blood pressure,diabetes, high cholesterol and depression and I desperately want to lose weight. I had a back stabilization operation in 2006. The doctor has recommended Aqua Aerobics and swimming as well as other exercise. I need to find a programme that can help me, can anyone recommend something?

Swimming, Aqua Aerobics, Legs, Bums and Tums

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 Glasgow-Self-Hypnotherapy 1 year ago

Hi nannyspecks, since your doctor has gave you the thumbs up for Aqua Aerobics as a safe and ideal way to help with all your issues. Waste no time and go for it. And all the very best and enjoy your new health venture!

Here on Wahanda this link http://www.wahanda.com/treatment/aqua-aerobics/description/ will point to recommended places from all over the UK. Hope this helps..

Sources: http://www.wahanda.com/treatment/aqua-aerobics/description/

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 BreatheFitness 1 year ago

Hi Nannyspecks

Yes it will certainly help as exercising in the water doesn't put any added pressure on the joints so will be an easier way for you to exercise. It is also good that your doctor has given you the thumbs up too. Good luck with it and let us know how you progress.

Sources: http://www.breathefitness.uk.com