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Question: I'm looking for a personal trainer with experience with the obese, can anyone help?

Asked by BigBlackBird 3 years ago

22 answers


I'm currently 20st plus and would like to get a personal trainer for 1-2 sessions a week in north or east london.

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Workoutathomeswansea 3 years ago

Hiya, We have more than 30 trainers in your area. If you visit http://www.workoutathome.co.uk you will see more information. Thanks Jason

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DonGrahamPT 3 years ago


We have a wealth of experience and a small team of experts who provide the perfect support network to make it happen!

We can assign you a trainer (me for instance!) for a couple of sessions a week or you could sign up to one of specialist Body Transformation packages. Here's a link:


Have a look and hopefully we'll hear from you soon!

Kind regards,


Sources: http://www.danrobertstraining.com/transformation-packages-in-london

sizedrop 3 years ago

Hi BigBlackBird,

I'm a personal trainer who understands your situation, having been a big Black bird myself at 18st. East London would be ideal, although I will also travel to north London, depending on the location. Please drop me a line if you're interested.

Sources: http://www.sizedrop.co.uk

Fitinfitness 3 years ago

Hi there;
MG Fit in Fitness tailored personal trainer provider, we are expertise of fucntional training as well as weight loss programme, I mean when we say weight loss , we are mean of people who really overweight and has lot to challange so we give them all support they need.
Our personal trainer studio in N1 5TQ and please check the web site http://www.mgfitinfitness.com

We can arrange free consultation for lovely chat.

Murat Gecmen
Master Personal trainer

Sources: http://www.mgfitinfitness.com

Ambfit 3 years ago

I can guarantee that if you work with us you will lose 5-7k every 3 months or I will give you your money back. All you have to do is just follow our program. We will work with you on all the components required for success, Diet, Exercise, Lifestyle Sleep and Stress management. Mail me at Jeff@ambitionfitness.com if you would like to do this.

Sources: http://www.ambitionfitness.com

mw5fitness 3 years ago

Hey, hope your well.

My name is Martin. I'm a PT from North London. I do most of my sessions in Primrose Hill, Hampstead Heath and Regents Park.

I'm currently training a client who was 17st and she is doing fantastic. I try to keep sessions fun and simply in order for the participant to aquire the skills needed to eventually train on their own. I can also help with diet & nutrition advice.

Feel free to get in touch. I'd be happy to have you on board
Kindest Regards

Martin Whitelock

Sources: http://www.mw5mw5fitness.com

chekpractitioner-888 3 years ago


I welcome you to a free consultation regarding your intentions and goals in achieving your desire target.

Good luck in your first step of achieving your goals.



Sources: http://www.corelegacy.com

VictorAnaluwa 3 years ago

Hi my is name is Victor and I am a peronal trainer. Have a lot of experience in helping people lose weight and keep it of. The program I would take you through would cover exercise to help you function better as well as lose weight, nutrition and some neuro programing to help you understand why you have put the weight on in the first place plus giving you the tools to prevent it happening again.

Please feel free to contact me for more information.


PerformersFitnessLondon 3 years ago

YGP Exercise. I can help. I have been a personal trainer for 8 years and also hold a certificate in GP Exercise Referrals, meaning that I specialise in metabolic disease, such as obesity.If you would like a free consultation/assessment, then please contact me by email: michael.rafferty800@btinternet.com or by phone: 07908368766. Hope to hear from you soon,

AmyJaxon 3 years ago

Hi, I'm sure I could help out! I've just relocated and am now based in E17. I train clients outdoors or in a gym p their choice. My track record as a PT for weight loss is very high. Please feel free to give me a ring on 07921 312572 and we can discuss your goals further.
Amy :)

seanieh 3 years ago

Yes I can help you, been a trainer for over 25 years and have a lot of experience with overweight people, don't be sucked in by offers from trainers that they can make miracles happen, it's going to be hard work but if you are ready to commit and make changes to your lifestyle and nutrition then you will see the transformation.......whether you engage my services or not be sure that the trainer who takes you on makes a proper evaluation of your current state and DO NOT take on a trainer who doesn't link Exercise, Nutrition and Lifestyle as they are inherently connected. I don't take on clients who want to separate them out.

all the best

larry-physio 3 years ago

Hello, we have experts in the service you are looking for. Our service is multi disciplinary and we also have professional who have a wealth of experience also advising on information such as nutrition and exercise. Contact us today for a discussion or to ask any questions.

Visit our site: http://www.exerciseandrehab.co.uk or email: info@exerciseandrehab.co.uk

Have a lovely day.

Exercise and Rehab Team

deancallisPT 3 years ago

Our results do all the talking Big Black Bird, at Dean Callis Personal Training London we will make you "Eat Lean & Train Dirty" Our Head Office in based in Islington.

Sources: http://deancallispersonaltrainer.tumblr.com/

trainermarios 3 years ago

Hey, my name is Marios. I train in Finsbury Park at a gym. You will not need to be a member to train with me here. It's a friendly environment and it would be good to train inside (out of the rain) with some good equipment. Please have a look at my website http://www.mariosalexanderpt.com
I have experience with a range of groups of people and the first session is free so you can see how you feel working with me. Thanks

Sources: http://www.mariosalexanderpt.com

Danpersonaltrainer 3 years ago

Hi B.B.B, Old Skool Conditioning will be more than happy to train you and help you on your journey. Though i would recomend the PT Boot Camp seeing me three days a week visit http://www.dosctraining.co.uk to find out more.
You have seen the rest, now come train with the best!

Colcio 3 years ago

Hey. Call me on 07958239299 or email me at fitness@leanshapes.com. We can work in the studio or I can see you at home

trainwithdan 3 years ago

Drop me a line. we'll be more than happy to help http://www.trainwithdan.com

Fightingfrog 3 years ago

Hi there. Firstly, congrats on making the decision to lode the weight and get healthy. If you are interested we have classes in north London, and we also do personal training in clients homes, the park, etc. I think it might be good to go to class for a bit first, to get the ball rolling and get used to the routine of exercise. Others being there can also help with motivation. We could meet first, to hear and discuss your objectives and nutrition. After some class we could progress to one on one with a pt. We offer all of these services. Feel free to contact us at info@fightingfrog.co.uk or visit us at http://www.fightingfrog.co.uk . Whatever you decide, I wish you luck. With the right attitude, it really can be fun and enjoyable!

Sources: Www.fightingfrog.co.uk

Fitness4London 1 year ago

Hope you found a good personal trainer. If not, give me a try. Check out my website first!

Sources: http://www.fitness4london.com

PTpetra 1 year ago

Hi guys. I m fitness and bodybuilding trainer. If you ll need "any help" with fat Burning, strengthening/toning muscles, better condition, obesite as well we ll have lot of fun during our workout/exercises. My Workouts are tough but worth it ;) pt.petra@mail.com East London, North London..

PTpetra 1 year ago

Hi guys. I m fitness and bodybuilding trainer. If you ll need "any help" with fat Burning, strengthening/toning muscles, better condition, obesite as well we ll have lot of fun during our workout/exercises. My Workouts are tough but worth it ;) pt.petra@mail.com East London, North London..

Fitness4London 1 year ago

I'm experienced in helping obese clients lose weight, see my website for more info...

Sources: http://www.fitness4london.com/personaltraining

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