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Question: Are there any therapists around Manchester who perform lymphatic drainage facial massage?

Asked by Hannah12345 2 years ago

7 answers

Can you help out?

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ATONE 2 years ago

When you have a massage the lymphatic system is stimulated and toxins stored in the body are released via drinking of water. I am not aware of anyone who does lymphatic facial massage per se.
I am trained in Tibetan acupressure facial massage and this does work on various acupressure points on the face. I would recommend a good neck massage to stimulate the lymph nodes in your neck. As well as an upper body massage to stimulate the lymph nodes under your armpits. This will all help to stimulate lymphatic drainage and it is imperative that you drink plenty of water after the treatment. This is to aid elimination of toxins via the passing of water.
Has a facial massage been recommended to you?
With my best wishes,
at One Holistic Therapy - Manchester

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bodylean 2 years ago

the facials that we offer will help to release toxins from the face, smooth out lines and wrinkles and refresh the look and feel of the skin - its a special galvanic facial that we offer , which can be combine with a mud pack which enhances the results of the treatments

Sources: http://www.bodylean.co.uk

DPL-clinic 2 years ago

Hi Hannah,

At DPL Clinic, we offer 100% natural, non invasive LPG Endermolift for the face which encourages collagen activation, chin slimming, glowing complexion, and more. Within the treatment the lymph nodes of the face and neck are stimulated therefore increasing lymphatic drainage- however as ATONE mentioned below, drinking water is key to help aid flush the toxins out.

Best wishes

thainyspa 2 years ago

Hello, Hannah12345

We do have professional therapists for lymphatic drainage for facial massage.
But we don't have any therapists who lives around Manchester. You can come by at our Spa. We have 2 locations. The first one call Fifth Ave Thai Spa at 5E 57St, 4th Floor in Manhattan (212-644-3078). and the second on is 23-92 21st Astoria in Queens (718-932-0999)

Call us for make appointment. And if you have any more question feel free to ask us.

Thank you :)

DianeNivern 2 years ago

All my bespoke facials include detailed lymphatic drainage massage.

We offer holistically focused facials using advanced cosmeceutical skincare ranges.
Established in 1994 with an A list clientele.

We are based in Whitefield, north Manchester

Diane Nivern
Diane Nivern Clinic Ltd
Manchester, UK


Twitter @dianenivern

Sources: http://www.dianenivern.com

SilverHand 2 years ago

Are there any therapists around Manchester who perform lymphatic drainage facial massage?

The quick and simple answer is yes. Obviously by asking for Lymphatic drainage you have need of it and understand it’s benefit, or you have been directed to seek it out under someone else’s advisement. My suggestion is to browse the General Council for Massage Therapy or National Association of Massage and Manipulative Therapists websites for a directory of specialized Practioners in your desired location. Natural Therapy Pages have a great list of Practioners as well.

Sources: http://www.naturaltherapypages.co.uk/massage/lancashire/manchester/manchester/Lymphatic_Drainage

TheHClub 2 years ago

Hello Hannah
The short answer to your question is yes - we do.

Based in the beautiful Cheshire countryside 450 yards from junction 19 (Knutsford) of the M6 and only 20 minutes by car from central Manchester, we have been using Facial Lymphatic Drainage for over a decade to help clients with conditions such as sinusitis, neuralgia, PMT puffy eye syndrome, toothache etc etc
You can find out more by accessing our web-site at TheHClub.co.uk
Make an appointment using the contact page to our Head Office on the link below

Sources: http://www.thehclub.co.uk/massage_hq0001a.html

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lesley1919 2 years ago

Hi I am looking for exactly the same treatment but live in Sheffield does anyone know of a therapist around Sheffield area?

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