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Question: What colour looks good on me?

Asked by SilverHand 2 years ago

3 answers

I’ve recently begun to practice while barefoot, finding it not just grounding and freeing but also quite helpful in re-evaluating my space and organization. (I.E. Many stubbed toes.) Without completely phasing into a Metro-Male, What nail-polish or other cosmetics beyond the basic pedicure would be advised considering the duration my Clients view my feet? What price ranges is reasonable? My wife talks of Gels, is this something I should concern myself with?

Foot Scrub, Pedicure, Men's Facial, Reflexology

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Rachel-Higgins 2 years ago

I agree with what you said about working barefoot, I absolutely love it and it is very grounding and connecting :o)
Perhaps you can get your toe nails buffed when you have a pedicure and try using a pale french manicure polish ( without the white tip ) this would look nice without being to feminine. Gels are good as they last a long time and you don't need to worry about re-applying it every couple of days to a week, but they do need soaking off after about 3 weeks and done again which normally takes about an hour, which can be time consuming, as apposed to about 15 mins to take off and apply a normal polish
I hope this helps, take care :o)

Other answers (2)

Iridologist 2 years ago

Hi Silverhand

Great question. I am a female, a reflexologist and really value pedicures. We don't wear outdoor shoes in our clinic so always with open toed sandals whilst working myself. Personally I only wear polish when applied after the pedicure but once it needs removing i leave it off to allow nails to breathe.

The suggestion to buff is also one I would second. I frequently ruby almond or rose oil to my nails to keep them looking good and prevent them from drying out after buffing. I keep them short as I am an inveterate stubber and nails will break if long.

I wouldn't use gel either, from the standpoint of wishing nails to breathe. I know you can argue that they cease growing once they leave the nailbed but you must have seen toenails still holding onto a say a red stain when the varnish has been left on too long.

Since I wear Berkenstocks most of the Spring/Summer and Autumn feet and nails are not 'maimed' and that I think, is the most attractive advertisement.

TiffanyGreene 2 years ago

Personally, and do feel quite strongly about this, unless you have feet & toes that are 100% immaculate, Keep them covered!. I would feel queasy and very uncomfortable if that was all I could see.

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