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Question: Where can I learn how to do Tui Na Massage?

Asked by kgaley 2 years ago

2 answers

I live in Dallas Texas

Tui Na Massage

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CityMarshall 2 years ago

If you fancy a trip to Malaysia, my Master, Mr Ang is a fantastic teacher, who will host you in his own home and give you private tuition for US$200 a week! His lives in Penang, which is a gorgeous island, mainly of Chinese ethnics, in the North West of mainland Malaysia - not far from the Thai border.
If you recon on about 3 weeks tuition plus living costs and air travel for a total of under $US1,500 - that is some food for thought for you!

Sources: http://www.citymarshall.co.uk

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Traditionaltuinatherapy 2 years ago

i went to china through a hospital which invited me, you need an invite for the visa..
you would be better going to one near or in beijing or shanghai to have english speaking doctors. there are plenty online but make sure you are going to a place with english speaking doctors and not translators..prices vary but are usually around $600 a month, you need to allow for accommodation as well which will be around $10-15 minimum per night unless you can find a room or flat within the chinese community which is extremely inexpensive..

i went into mid south china and got very lucky with a fantastic hospital and an apartment for £50 a month, no one spoke any english where i was apart from 2 student docs who had a little english and translators on their phones.. i was already uk qualified so didn't need theory and was very lucky to be fully traditionally, non westernised trained up..

the malaysin doc sounds like an excellent option, good luck..

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