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Question: Has anyone had permanent make up? your thoughts please thanks

Asked by HDBROWS 2 years ago

8 answers

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HDBROWS 2 years ago

Whats everyone's preferred curl for eyelash extensions and why?

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make-upartist 2 years ago

Yes, I do this by to 13 years.

bbeautiful4u 2 years ago

Having permanent make up will make look and feel younger wheather that is with perfectly shaped eye brows, or expertly drawn eyeliner or lucious full lips.

Sources: http://www.bbeautiful4u.co.uk

RachelStaggs 2 years ago

I have had it and love it! Lip liner and eyeliner

FacesbyRobin-LE 2 years ago

A great procedure to have done when performed by an experienced professional. Do your research when selecting a professional. Get a look at their work!

Passionateaboutskincare 2 years ago

Fantastic if in London try Tracie Giles Beauchamp place the best..

RegNurse 2 years ago

I have had semi permanent eye brows done and they look fantastic. Best to find an experienced practitioner, ask to see their portfolio of work done as I have heard some clients who are not happy with their treatments. Make sure they have been doing it for some time. You will need an initial treatment and a touch up after about 6 weeks.

Mucheichi 2 years ago

I am a professional traditional makeup artist who now does Permanent Makeup as well, having been certified last year after 2 years of study.....my website is being rebuilt and will be ready end of July, but do ck out info and pics on Permanent Makeup.... there are so many AWESOME reasons people choose Permanent Makeup--and for the face especially it should always be chosen over Tattooing.....highly encourage you research a little, what is it you are considering doing? feel free to write directly to me at dtpaulmann@yahoo.com and do ck out my website!!

Sources: http://www.deborahpaulmann.com

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