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Question: Looking for a personal trainer in & around Harrow, London

Asked by kinsden 2 years ago

12 answers

Looking for mainly a kettlebell and bodyweight trainer to help me on my fitness journey. I ain't in bad shape but not fit either and would like someone to help me from ground-up. Thanks.

Functional Training, Kettlebells, High Intensity Training, Personal Training, Strength Training

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seanieh 2 years ago

Hello Kinsden, I've been training for over 30 years, training clients for over 24 years and I use KB's and bodyweight.....trained with and under the great Steve Maxwell so I know a trick or two....can help you get fit, strong and lean

all the best
07801 763099

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kinsden 2 years ago

Hello Sean, thanks for replying. How much do you charge per session, how long is the session for, how many days a week and would you be able to come to me in Harrow?

kinsden 2 years ago

Hello Sean, thanks for replying. How much do you charge per session, how long is the session for, how many days a week and would you be able to come to me in Harrow?

kinsden 2 years ago

Also, do you have kettlebells or do I need to have mine?

Other answers (11)

getUfitr 2 years ago

Are you based in Harrow? - if so, unfortunately I am in South Wales.
Kin Regards

AmyJaxon 2 years ago

Hi, I'm sure I could help with this. You are more than welcome to come down to the studio to have a look round, a free trial and a chat about your goals. Please visit my website as well. http://www.amyjaxon.com
07921 312572

larry-physio 2 years ago

Hi Kinsden, we specialise in exactly what we are looking for. We have a number of highly qualified trainers who specialise in kettle bells as well as TRX and functional training. For example I am a strength and conditioning specialist with an MSc in physiotherapy and a sports/science degree. We have access to a fantastic gym / studio. Please give us a call or visit our website: http://www.exerciseandrehab.co.uk

Our training principles are geared towards sound scientific principles to help you achieve your results safely and quickly.

Larry 07988451178

ChiCombatSystem 2 years ago

My training centers are in South London / Surrey so it would be better if you looked for someone around your area.

Sources: http://www.chicombatsystem.com

DonGrahamPT 2 years ago

Hey, Kinsden. Kettlebells and bodyweight training are an integral part of our training ethos - we train our clients like athletes! I actually live in Harrow and have a full-set of kettlebells, so it could be quite easy to slot you in and get you going. Check out our website http://www.danrobertstraining.com to get a better feel of what we're about and if you'd like to meet up for a chat please call or text me on 07843-432-590. Kind regards, Don

scott39 2 years ago

Hi I'm San Diego doing my Chek level 4 I be back. In 2 weeks emal me scttbrynt@aol.com for a free 30 min with me

Qaasen 2 years ago

In Barbados, I teach body weight training ( the best weight to work with that does not require storage and you can walk around with every day) and Tai Chi Ball the precursor to kettlebell. Repetition and consistency is the name of the game. Continue the fitness journey. - Qaasen annuinstitute@hotmail.com. 246-420-4788

Qaasen 2 years ago

In Barbados, I teach body weight training. ( it is weigh that you naturally carry around with every day and it can be utilized any where) I also teach "Tai Chi Chuan BALL" it is a precursor to Kettle bell. It strengthens th emuscles and tendons and improves your overall physical and mental constitution. Consistency is the name of the game. Continue your fitness journey. annuinstitute@hotmail.com

Workoutathomeswansea 2 years ago

Hiya Kinsden, We are the leading mobile personal training company in the UK and recruit the leading male and female personal trainer in each area. If you would like to visit our website it is http://www.workoutathome.co.uk I hope this helps.
Kind Regards

Sources: http://www.workoutathome.co.uk

Tanya1st 2 years ago

I am a female personal trainer in the Hertfordshire and north London area. I use all of the above and more. For more info please go to: http://www.bodybeautifulpt.co.uk
Many thanks,
Tanya Shaw

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