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Question: Are perms bad for your hair?

Asked by Judy-J 5 years ago

17 answers

I have straight and quite thin hair. I have always wanted to have curly hair as I use tongs a lot to create curls. Is perming the answer or is it very bad for your hair, and is it hard to maintain?

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EviReuter 5 years ago

Hi Judy, Having fine hair, Perms are good. But there is alot to explore before you decide. Do you have color? Silly question,Is it just color or Bleach.or both? There are perms out there for all of them. If you have bleach. then you have to be more careful. You might do a test strand to see if it will damage, or even take a curl. Some hair that has Bleach makes a weak curl.and become fuzzy or llimp instead.. And if your stylest thinks your hair will take a curl, you can use a colortreat perm. I would stick to medium to large rods cause any smaller will make it fuzzy or puffy. If you just want it for body that would work. The only thing about going medium or large rods,you may have to get a top perm,maybe a few on top.Cause that will flatten first You can ask your stylist if she would give you a few rods on top maybe for a discout. And you can save the condition of the bottom hair from perming every time.and do it every other time. After the full perm about 3 months you may have to do the top only .But If the curl relaxes you will have to decide if you need a full one again.make sure the condition is good. But if the curl is still something you can work with you could just do the top. And remember to use good body building shampoo's and light conditioner's. Ask you stylist if she can give you a protien pack conditioner, Redken has good ones, while you decide it will get your hair strong for when you are ready.Also using your hot tongs use heat protecting products.It will help as well.

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HairByBobby 5 years ago

A good perm can make your life much better. I don't get why so many people are freaked out by perms. If you are applying heat to your hair everyday or a few times a week that can be just as bad as a perm. The volume and time saved by getting a perm can outweigh the damage caused. You just have to make sure you take good care of your hair. People who like their hair platinum don't avoid bleaching their hair even though it is damaging. You have to manage what you do to your hair. If you know your going to do something damaging you just have make sure to take care of it. Yes, there are times over perming can be very bad and/or home care/styling/abuse can push your hair past the point of healthy. Bottom line is if you want one you are not going to be happy until you get one. DO it with an educated approach and you will know what you have to do to make it work for you.

Fancy-Brenda 5 years ago

The damage depends on the condition of your hair, the type of perm used, and the stylist you choose. I would recommend you make a consultation appt. with a trusted stylist (research) so they can evaluate your hair. You can discuss options such as semi-permanent waves which are usually less harsh on your hair than a true permanent wave. Also, by using a temporary/semi wave, you can try it out without a long term commitment to maintain it. Take some pictures with you to your consultation to show the stylist the kind of wave/curl you want to see if it's possible. I agree with Naomi, a perm is not the same as naturally curly hair. If you decide to get the perm, make sure you use a good product to condition your hair and keep it healthy.

allanssalon 5 years ago

Dear Judy,

The healthiest way to go is with a digital perm because it customizes to each individual's hair porosity. Your other option is to use an organic perm solution and alternate large and medium sized rods to give your hair the lift. That with a good haircut will give your fine thin hair a natural look and volume and can make styling quick and easy.

Sources: http://www.allanssalon.com

sarahn 5 years ago

In the long run perms are damaging to the hair, even the healthiest hair. Different companies are working to create the safest way to perm all the time, but there is always a compromise to the hair.

NaomiB 5 years ago

Perms are somewhat difficult to maintain because as soon as your natural hair begins to grow in, you will need to do a piggy back (retouch) perm. also, if you say your hair is thin, then it may be more damaged then hair that is not so thin. however, if you have no other chemicals in your hair, and if the correct strength of perm is used, your thin hair may benefit you in holding up the curls. keep in mind that permed hair will never look the same as natural hair, and be prepared to have some hair possibly break off and the ends to look dry, which may make your hair look thinner.

hope this helps
Good luck!

ShearAmore 5 years ago

if your wanting body then a perm is NOT the right choice. perms, although better than they used to be are still very damaging especially for thin hair. because your cuticle is thin and week and all you are goin to end up with is frizz.. what i would recommend is getting some well placed layers to lift up the hair on top of your head. that way u wont end up with the flat top effect.

HairByBobby 5 years ago

Sorry I clicked on post twice. Ops.

chebella 5 years ago

it depends on what condition your hair is in right now. For instance do you have color or highlights? if so, i wouldn't recommend it. one chemical is enough. if no color is present, then i say perm away!! find a good hair stylist in your area. and have good communication with him or her, don't be afraid to talk to your stylist. we are hear for you! good luck and keep me posted.

Ashlie 5 years ago

I agree 100% with EviReuter.

Latasha 5 years ago

no it is not it depends if you already have chemicals in your hair such as color or hiliting then you might want to be careful but other than that you should be ok

clsicsteif 5 years ago

Like most of the posts stated, your decision of a perm depends on the condition of your hair and if any other chemicals have been used (color/bleach)
EviReuter had a valid response.
You may also check the elasticity of your hair. ( the ability of a single strand of hair that has been stretched to go back to its original state) (Think of a rubber band.) If your strand breaks or feels mushy your hair may be to weak to withstand a perm.
A reliable stylist will be your best source to determine this.

John-Paul 5 years ago

Perms today, are SO much more advanced, then in yeasteryear. Many, are acid perms, which are closest, to the ph balance of the hair. Proper application, and care, still do apply (ex: do not shampoo your hair for 48hrs after a perm) In today's fashion, though, looser curls, are what is in.

ihairbook 5 years ago

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Sources: ihairbook.yelp.com

gemini22 5 years ago

You would be compromising the integrity of your hair.I don't care how gentle a perm says it is, your still going to have some damage, especially if its thin.I've found that sometimes it's even more work for you to style it and doesn't look natural.There are lots of products on the market that can give your hair some extra texture.Looser, softer curls are the trend today and a perm won't give you that look.

DrDanielle 5 years ago

As a natural stylist I agree with gemini22. . .you are compromising the integrity of your hair. As I transitioned from relaxed to natural hair I was experienced many emotions about my hair. I realized that I'd had a love-hate relationship with myself through my hair. The question I have for you is "Why have you always wanted to have curly hair?" You describe your hair as straight and quite thin. . .after years of stressing out over the condition of my relaxed hair I now embrace and love my natural hair. . .as I did it began to respond positively to all of that love.

tinajoy 5 years ago

these ladies are very smart they are right don't be scared to get a perm there are alot of great perms out there to give you what you are looking for and that will work great with your hair..

Sources: tjs brain

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