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Question: Very dark hair blonde/platinum highlights? Any good salons in London?

Asked by  barbiegoth 1 year ago

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Hi there!

I have very dark hair and I would like to have some blonde/platinum highlights put in. Can anyone please recommend any good colorist /salons in London?

Thanks xx

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 mobilehairworcester 1 year ago

Hi , there are lots of good salons in London it really depends on where you are, check the yellow pages. Haveing blonde hi lights put into your dark hair would not be a problem, but if you have been colouring your hair dark for quite some time the colour will have to be lifted out / stripped first and it will depend on how evenly it can be taken out, before the platinum blonde is applied. The best option is to go into a few local salons and ask their opinion, im sure you will find someone local to you. good luck
Regards Debra

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 Suedey 1 year ago

Have you coloured your hair previously? Do you have a picture or idea of the finished result? These are just a couple of the questions I would ask before colouring a natural brunette.
It can be done, but it may be worth having a consultation first to take into account whether it would suit your complexion and eye colour.

Mark Alexander
Suedey Hairdressing London


 jolene-c 1 year ago

sorry i'm not from london, good luck :)


 rach1234 1 year ago

Unfortunately i do not know of any in London . Sorry xx


 MatthewDavid 1 year ago


Why not go into a couple of salons and have a consultation? That way the colourist will be able to decide what the best option for your hair is to ensure as little damage to the hair as possible, that way you can look at all your options. Also having a consultations at a few different salons means you can also decide who you feel most comfortable with doing your hair, its nice to hear more than one persons opinions.

If you would like a complementary consultation with our salon please feel free to visit us on 80 Duke street Mayfair, or phone us on 020 7112 2205.

Good Luck
The Team at MatthewDavid Bespoke Hairdressing

Sources: http://www.matthewdavid.co.uk


 Liana9 1 year ago

sorry i cant recommendet any salon in london ,becose my work in Peterborough.


 Liana9 1 year ago

sorry i cant recommendet any salon in london ,becose my work in Peterborough.


 Liana9 1 year ago

sorry i cant recommendet any salon in london ,becose my work in Peterborough.


 Artteknics 1 year ago

Hello we are a very good salon Art&Teknics Hairdresser based in vauxhall at competetive prices.