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Question: Which type of massage is best for someone who sits at a desk for way too many hours a day?

Asked by anaisa 5 years ago

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MassageTherapyBoston 5 years ago

The most appropriate massge would be swedish massage moving into deep tissue for the specific areas. Meaning any neck strain, mid-lower back pain and hip tension. Specific are deep tissue massage would also be helpful for any overuse of the muscles in your hands and arms from computer rlated repetive motion.
Hope that helps.
Jessica B

Sources: Tappan's handbook of Healing Massage Techniques

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reSource-therapy 5 years ago

Ultimately, I would not depend upon massage to do the healing and return mobility to the unused muscles. I would expect that the client would receive therapeutic massage to help get the muscles loosened up but that they would take the responsibility for getting out and getting muscles active and toned. Swedish could help and so could passive stretching, muscle activation technique, and myofascial release could all help in various ways. But ultimately it is the client who needs to commit to becoming more active in their own life. Something as simple as walking for a 1/2 hour daily at lunch time could make a world of difference. But I would use massage as a support, not a panacea.

serbugabi 5 years ago

First of all, you have to understand that massage is an ongoing treatment. In your case, I sugest you get on a two week treatment plan with a good deep tissue specialist. During the massage talk to your therapist and let them know when the pressure is too much. Ask them to do a full body, but concentrate on back and arms more. You also need to stretch every 1/2 hour or so to release some of the tension in your muscles from sitting in the same position for so many hours. I hope it helps. Gabi.

Sources: peaceful horizons massage

TherapeuticTouch 5 years ago

As a therapist of almost twenty years, I have found that Deep tissue to be the best answer for most problematic areas. Deep tissue can be done with light pressure and then increased to a level of comfort the client can handle. I personally do not do Swedish massage any more unless I have a client who just cannot take deep tissue work or who does not want to start healing and working through the problematic areas…I normally do not have clients who prefer any else, after one deep tissue therapy they are hooked. Swedish is only for relaxation and to increase circulation – not for working muscles. In fact Swedish does not even work the first layer of muscle in the body – it simply grazes them. For someone working long hours at a desk hunched over would not benefit from Swedish at all. Chair massage would be a “quick relief” but only last for a short time. Specific’s would only cover a certain area, hence “Specific.” Their muscles are tight, tense and stressed – none of which would really be helped or do any good. Most therapist would see how the back, neck and arms would be affected but honestly the whole body would be affected due to the position of the whole body having to also adjust to “sitting at a desk for a very long time”…the person at the desk would feel it more so in the neck, back and possibly arms but also other areas of the whole body would be affected, i.e. the pectoral muscles, abdominal muscles, quads, hamstrings, calf muscles, glutes and so on. Having earned a medical degree in massage therapy has taught me SO much, and as a therapist at the time having almost fourteen years in I truly thought I knew a lot. However, I only knew a small piece of the puzzle. Knowing what I know now – the best answer for this question would in fact be a full body deep tissue massage. Working all the muscles of the body will ensure much more relief, healing, relaxation and above work all the muscles that would be affected with the situation at hand.

MsCamille 5 years ago

I would say that maybe try moving out of your chair for a moment and stretch. Our body is always meant to be moving so maybe wiggle around in your chair but long hours of sitting can make you stiff so try to prevent that if possible.

Alyssa 5 years ago

The trick is every hour you spend sitting at the comp you must get up and stretch, walk, etc. The key is the need to stretch

Senses 5 years ago

It is very difficult to recommend a massage without undertaking some form of assessment first. There are different types of people who sit behind a desk all day every day. Your life outside work may impact on your life in work, questions like, do you exercise regularly when you are not sitting at the desk, are you active outside work hours, do you have children and spend time lifting, the type of job, etc. Senses would undertake this type of assessment and then recommend a massage type. All the ones listed below from others are great but it is essential to remember that all individuals are just that and that any technique has to be adapted to suit the person and their requirements. Visit our website http://www.sensesnorthwood.com to find out what our customers say about us, especially the link on the home page to Optima article, an independent assessment of what we do. Hope this helps.

CarolMathre 5 years ago

I would recomend starting with a full body swedish massage(depending on pressure preference), incorporating light streching and myofascial release. Focusing on the low back, hip, and neck area.

Rochelle 5 years ago

Some injury massage would be great! In injury massage, its a lot of stripping out the muscles in an overstressed area. Probably lower back and neck and shoulders.

SassyMT 5 years ago

I have worked on a lot of clients that sit at a desk staring at a computer all day. The most effective treatment I have used is Myofascial Release on arms and neck, followed by good, deep relaxing massage on back,shoulders, and neck.

lindadb 5 years ago

Yes, I would suggest either kinesiology or ayurvedic kansa vatki foot massage

Sources: http://www.lindabelcherhealthcare.co.uk

Aletheia 5 years ago

Hi anaisa. I would recommend Active Release Therapy or Manual Ligament Therapy. That gives range of motion same time with massage by using accupressure also contract and relax by 3 times in different motion position. I could also use warm lava stones to massage the area of your tension. My goal to communicate with you to make sure that you are satisfied with this effective treatment to increase mobility and flexibility.

Sources: MLT and ART massage treatment

5 years ago

First, if there is no pain or discomfort to treat then a relaxation massage with Swedish integrated with neuromuscular/trigger point therapy for areas of tension and discomfort. Myofascial release is always very good for general tension and increased circulation and mobility. Being at a desk continuously brings about many areas of concern and can best be relieved with stretching, neck and shoulder rolls frequently and proper body mechanics and equipment placement.

Deep tissue is only beneficial if done correctly and without causing more trauma to already contracted and traumatized muscles. Neuromuscular/trigger point therapy is considered deep tissue and when done properly allows the muscle to release and receive pressure rather than a therapist digging in to an already contracted muscle and causing it to contract tighter.

ToddZorich 5 years ago

I have found out that deep tissue, with triggerpoint is very benifical for most people I also through n alot of cranial so that to relies the facia

andys 5 years ago

A combination of tuina and sports massage will work, these therapies stretch the body for you. Practice good posture and try to do a regular stretch class or yoga , look after your diet and drink enough fluid.

Libbyw 5 years ago

Some deep tissue massage would be good with some traction to the arms and legs to help stretch out the muscles and clear their memory of their usual position. Some ROM would also be benificial to work the joints and get the synovial fluid moving.

5 years ago

I would begin with Myofascial Release, then increase circulation with moderate Swedish and with the specific areas of concern, determine whether you are experiencing Trigger Point pain, or general muscle pain, passive stretching then and apply firm to deep pressure to loosen the muscle fibers. I would mainly focus about 40 minutes on the upper body, and 20 minutes on the neck, arms and hands.

Sources: http://www.imassageu.com/massagetherapies.html

JeriLMP 5 years ago

The therapy I use the most and get the best results with is Soft Tissue Release. I find the muscles release fairly quickly and lasts!

ChandraCastanza 5 years ago

therapeutic or deep tissue

kgline 5 years ago

A combination of Swedish and Deep Tissue will help. But it also depends on what muscles ache. You could use neuromuscular if your upper back and shoulders ache. Use deep tissue if your lower back and peraformis(hip rotator) ache and Swedish to help blood circulation.

JoanneB2010 5 years ago

I would suggest a swedish massage with firm pressure and trigger points as needed to release any knots you may have. A trigger point is when pressure is applied to a problematic area (knot), it is done with a deeper pressure. Ideally you would do best if you could get on a regular massage schedule. Many people do every 2 weeks to start and then monthly to maintain feeling good. You will need lots of work done on your upper back, shoulders, neck, lower back and glutes. The great thing is you will feel a big difference after the first massage and you will just keep feeling better every time you get another massage. Once the knots and tightness are taken care of it's easy to keep up with.

Rebecca Urban Oasis 5 years ago

I would recommend a deep tissue massage, this would really help to release the lactic acid that has built up over the time you have been sat at a desk.
You will benefit long term if you have this done regularly. Maybe start off by having 1 every 2 weeks to start and then once a month to keep it going.
Hope this helps.

Urban Oasis Manchester

Reformednurse 5 years ago

We're back to the question "Why do all massage therapists think their technique is the best?". It's whatever works for you. There is also a relationship with the therapist. Yes, you do have to like the person to receive the maximum benefit. You don't have to be BFF's, but you do have to have a level of respect and confidence in that person. I agree with another answer that this is not a "one-shot" deal. You will need regular massage- at least twice a month- on an ongoing basis. Swedish, acupressure, even acupuncture, myofascial release, craniosacral, and any of a huge list of techniques would help you. Depending upon the level of knotting and dysfunction in the soft tissue, even a few structural integration sessions or deep tissue type massage may be necessary. It's truely hard to evaluate anyone's needs without a detailed history, and, for me, a physical assessment.

LizBrownLMT 5 years ago

Thai massage would be a great massage for someone who sits all day. Thai massage combines elements of acupressure and assisted yoga to help improve flexibility and also works the bodies energy lines (sen lines) to improve flow of energy (prana).

Moonwaves 5 years ago

I would not trust a therapist who claims to know the answer without seeing and touching the individual in question.

Has the person developed trigger points? Probably - but I don't know until I touch the muscles and fascia.

Is the pectoral, rhomboid, and trapezoid myofacia distorted? Probably - but I don't know until I touch the fascia.

Is the posture affected? I think you can guess what goes here.

Is Swedish helpful? The circumstances where it is not a great help are rare, but very often there is something even better.

The best is a therapist who approaches the tissue with an open mind and hands, and does whatever the tissue needs.

Me, I like to use Swedish as a framework from which to assess, and then move to the type of massage (deep tissue, trigger point, myofacscial, postural...) that the assessment indicates, returning to Swedish to assess further and bring the rest of the body into harmony with the treated area.

Antreas 5 years ago

Anybody who sits too many hours on a desk at work or in front of a computer can only avoid damages on his/her body by starting exercising more at a gym or at home.The massage alone cannot fix permanently the problem or the pain but it can help the muscles heal faster.
3-4 exercises for the upper back and 2 more for lower back 2 or 3 times a week are a sample workout routine.Of course as I said massage is as important with exercising for the healing of the specific muscles.
Exercise and massage together is the best compination.

SaraMuma 5 years ago

There are many different ones you could go with. My personal experience is that Shiatsu Massage has the best results on clients with desk jobs because it allows for more ROM and stretching of the muscles also clearing of the stagnant energy in the meredians. My clients tell me that they feel so much better afterwards, not only physically but emotionally !

Easethepressure 5 years ago

Chair massage starts you in the seated position you are already in, working quickly and effectively to remind the muscles they can move and relax. Pressure can be as light or deep as you need. I'd follow the massage with some simple exercises and stretches for you to do at you desk each day to get long term relief.

SilverHand 5 years ago

Which type of massage is best for someone who sits at a desk
for way too many hours a day?

What "type" of massage is best may be less important as to
where best to massage. Prolonged postures and repetitive actions
definitely create problems for our bodies. Work done on the upper
back, shoulders, neck, lower back and glutes are fairly standard
focus points for therapists. Massage to these areas can give rather
noticeable relief from body ache and muscle strain. Stretches can
be done in the work place for ongoing preventative self-treatment
as well.

A gap in treatment that commonly occurs with this particular
circumstance however is the lack of consideration of what else
might be going on with the body. Most likely after such a prolonged
held posture the Pectoral muscles will have become tight, perhaps
even atrophied from disuse in this position. By massaging these
Muscles and allowing them to stretch and lengthen, most of the
synergetic muscle groups of the back will relax and loosen on their
own. This in turn allows what massage is given to those back muscles
to be more therapeutic. A stretching routine will continue help maintain
this new level of relief and mobility.

Treatment and techniques become easier and more effective just by rethinking the starting point of the massage session.

tclark118 5 years ago

I would suggest ... please don't miss a bit of a pun here: Corporate Seated Massage. Because if you spend too many hours at a desk, you probably don't have the time for a normal massage... have the therapist come to you with a chair.... no lube... no undressing... 15 minutes, and you can be back at the top of your game !

massage-guru 5 years ago

I personally take the person away from the desk. Place them on a very special water cushioned couch and do an amazing 15min treatment, this litterally shifts stagnation of energy, lymph and metal thought patterns, to reviatlise the person into a new mind set. ready for work

Wirralbeautytherapist 5 years ago

Indian head massage is excellent for this. It concentreates on the back, neck, shoulders and scalp- which are the main areas affected from sitting in this position for long periods of time! Better still... it can be done with the client sitting up; so the therapist can really get to those tension nodules that need releasing in the exact areas you feel get tense throughout your time in the office! This massage is very versatile as it can be done anywere, and there is no need for any equipment or oils. The massage also gives other long term benefits if received on a regular basis eg relief of stress, anxiety and insomnia.

Sources: http://www.alistbeautytherapy.co.uk

GypsyQueen 5 years ago

I have found shiatsu to be best, however I would not use Shiatsu alone, I would incorporate Swedish

laurasmobilebeautytreats 4 years ago

I offer Swedish Massage in the comfort of your own home, please check out my website.

Sources: http://www.laurasmobilebeautytreats.com

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