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Question: how old do you have to be to use a sunbed in the uk?

Asked by gemmawoodward 2 years ago

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DreamdaySpa 2 years ago

To the best of my knowledge you have to be 18.
If you are going to use a sun bed i recommend you cover your face as well as knocking off the facial tanners.
I have a special camera in DreamsDay Spa which allows you to see sun damage.
My clients are shocked at the damage that sun beds do to the face.
A clear complextion is so important and sun spots and wrinkles dont become any young skin.
A tanned skin will always looks older, you can bronze your face to match your body tan.

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yokoso 2 years ago

Hi Gemma,

You must be 18 in the UK to use sunbeds and I really would advise you not to do it. Medical research has proven that regular sunbed use increases the risk of skin cancer by as much as 50% especially if used with sunbed accelerators and another factor to take into consideration is the risk is even more pronounced the younger you start to use sunbeds. In my salon, I too have a camera that shows the damage done to the skin and it is frightening. I have also seen heartbreaking cases of fungus on the skin which has taken clients years to be cured. To be honest I have also seen some wonderful tanned people and they use sunbeds so I can see the temptation but it just isn't worth the risk - what if you are one of the unlucky ones? Hope this helps. xx

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Linda52 2 years ago

Medical research has proved NO SUCH THING. If one uses sunbeds sensibly there is no risk. A bigger risk to health is not getting enough Vitamin D which of course one gets when using sunbeds sensibly.

Linda52 2 years ago

Youhave to be 18

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