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Question: I am looking for a course of rebirthing near Edinburgh. Anybody any advice?

Asked by Rossella65 3 years ago

2 answers

Rebirthing techniques to resolve some issues.

BioMeridian Analysis, Dream Therapy, Healing

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KrisztinaKaranyicz 3 years ago

Hi Rossella,
I would recommend to look for a genuine re-birthing practitioner via professional UK directories.
Here are a few sites where you can start looking:

or if you just type into google something like "healers professional directory Uk", you'll get more options to choose from.

Hope this helps.


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EmbraceInfinity 3 years ago

Hello Rossella, it appears you have not yet found a solution to your question. I don't know exactly why you are interested in re-birthing. I would like to share however an amazing Healing experience I am having. I've started to see a Shaman to resolve some issues in my life... childhood trauma, self sabotage, financial "Hamster Wheel'", relationships, etc. The work is in one word "transformational"! I have been on my personal Healing Path for many, many years now and nothing I have experienced comes close to the results I am manifesting in my life, since doing this work. I truly believe there are things on our Journey, we simply need assistance with. No matter how great my desire and conscious work I do, there are always energetic blocks I cannot access, let alone remove. Shamanic Healing does that for me. It has enabled me to "blast" through issues I had not been able to resolve, in a very short period of time; along with taking ownership and more importantly, taking back my power. I encourage you to look at her website: http://www.thedancingheart.info and see for yourself if it would be a good fit for what you are searching. Lisa does remote sessions over the phone and has created amazing results in that arena as well. I am from Germany originally and it is my wish to bring more of this outstanding work to Europe in a speedy and efficient way. You may contact me at any time for more information: akramer8@yahoo.com and I would be happy to share my experience in more detail. Whichever direction your Journey takes you, I wish you well and safe.
Thank you, Anke

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