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Question: How to keep skin moisturised when wearing make-up on planes, trains or in the sun?

Asked by RebeccaCrutchley 3 years ago

10 answers

Hi, I love wearing makeup as I suffer with scarring but I find that when I'm in the sun or on my long commute to work in the morning, my face goes from well made-up to mess. Any tips on how to keep topping up skin with moisturiser all day long while wearing make-up at the same time? Tinted moisturiser doesn't cover up enough for me. Thanks,

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KabArtistry 3 years ago

As a professional makeup artist I must tell you that true moisture to the skin comes from the amount of water you drink! you can use a moisturizer in the morning and that should be sufficient, but the real question is what formula of foundation are you using, aside from doing makeup for magazine and celebrities I worked for bobbi brown cosmetics for years and saw every kind of issue you can thing of and I can guarantee you it is the foundation that is the problem if your skin is oily use and oil free foundation and if its dry use a moisture base one! and then left me know if I was correct! The body hydrates the skin and feeds the cells! your skin is your largest organ! Give it water! xoxo Kim

Sources: kimbakerbeauty@gmail.com,

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Passionateaboutskincare 3 years ago

Using facial spritzers that have hylouronic acid in are a fantastic way to keep the skin moisturised over makeup. Have you tried Glo minerals pressed powder I love it wear it all day covers well, does not block my pores and I work as a facialist in a hot environment and using a steamer.

Bespokechelt 3 years ago

Facial Spritzers are the way forward. I also agree with Judy.... Avene's hydrating spray mist is divine. If you are on a budget the body shop have brought out some lovely mineral pressed powders. I often use this product when I am doing wedding make-up applications. It really keep skin looking flawless.

monikashanks 3 years ago

Hello Rebecca,
If you have scarring on your face high street foundations will not give you all day coverage.. Let me give you a suggestion – Derma blend Corrective cosmetics foundation for minor to severe skin flaws
Product benefits SPF 30 – higher coverage than normal foundation
Fragrance free and hypoallergenic
Resistant to water and perspiration
Up to 16 hours even coverage when used with dermablend setting powder –
I hope this helps let me know what post code area you’re a from so I can guide you to the nearest stockist! I hope this helps – look forward to hearing from you, many best wishes Monika.

Judy-J 3 years ago

I agree with Passionateaboutskincare, there are some lovely facial spritzers out there that would help keep skin moisturised - my favourites are Avene's hydrating spray or AEOS and their facial mist!

LisaE 3 years ago

As KabArtistry said it is most likely the foundation as well as the amount of water you are drinking. As a makeup artist for the past 17 years and esthetician this issue constantly arises. The most important tip is to drink enough water, deep stress at a minimum and to properly take care of your skin. Your daily skincare and life routine will determine the success or lack of with makeup.

NikkiFeeney 3 years ago

HI Rebecca, If you are covering scarring a tinted moisturiser will defo not be enough for you, but i get what you are saying here. You don't want to be fully made up everyday and want a look that lasts and can be topped up easily, and keeps your skin moisturised right? I have recently discovered max factors ageless elixir, its a foundation and serum, and also has spf 15, its works very well for me.
Advice for summer make up: When your wearing face powder, press it firmly onto the skin (rather then dabbing) and then brush excess powder off with a face brush, this will give you a smoother look and not that flakey powdered look. This can be topped up during the day.

In planes you will always need extra moisture as the humidity in the air dries out your skin. Use a serum under your moisturiser before your flight and carry a moisturising face Spritz with you, they really work.

In the summer, use a good mask at least once a week or just when you feel your skin needs it, just before bed time is the best time as it will work while your sleeping. PUREbliss rose mask would be perfect for recovering summer skin.

Sources: http://www.nikkifeeney.co.uk/purebliss-shop-online

AishahBashir 3 years ago

Hyrating mists is the solution; Benefit and Dermalogica have good ones. They help you maintain a healthy radiance. You can also create your own with cucumber, water and aloe vera.

PrincessSoraya 3 years ago

--You may be Dehydrated and you need Hydration Gel. Not rich, greasy cream.
Any Dehydrated skin has fine lines, is Thirsty, drinks all you give it.
To solve this skin condition, we perform a number of Hydration facials.
Client uses Hydration gels (there is no oil, no cream in these).

--Once you achieve optimum Hydration, then you will not need to put moisturisers
all the day. You apply products in the morning , after cleansing.
Also, you apply products in the evening after leansing.
Time, in between your skin is good, hydrated and plump.

Sources: http://www.PrincessSorayaSalon.co.uk

Preet123 3 years ago

hey! i agree with KabArtistry! it really is the amount of water you drink!

i think this may also be useful... http://pamperstopcentral.blogspot.co.uk/2012/05/skin-loving.html

Sources: http://pamperstopcentral.blogspot.co.uk/

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