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Question: Is there a perm I can use on very fine hair that is weak and delicate from medication ?

Asked by jolene-c 3 years ago

4 answers

My customer is an older lady with extremely delicate hair due to being on a lot of medication for an under active thyroid and takes a lot of morphine.
The last perm I used was for coloured hair but it was after using this the hair got very thin and delicate.
We are using kerastase shampoo for fine damaged hair and also kerastase vita-ciment treatment to try and repair the hair.

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Suedey 3 years ago

Before considering which perm lotion to use (Acid, Fine hair, Resistant etc) apply a Wella pre perm.
It used to be called Cuticin but now it's known as WELLA SERVICE PRO COLOUR PERM PRE TREATMENT.
It's so easy to use, just wind rollers using pre perm then apply lotion for development.
The results are great and it protects even the weakest hair.
Try ebay or an online shop,

Sources: http://www.loopyhair.com/brands/wella/wella-service-pro-colour-perm-pre-treatment-12-x-18ml/prod_2933.html

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lisaclassiccuts 3 years ago

Dont Perm ,medication can do more harm to fine delicate hair. I would not perm it !

Sources: bubby7801@aol.com

MatthewDavid 3 years ago

Hello Jolene,

Hair changes over time and sometimes its a case of staying away from chemicals for a while to give the hair a break and time to get into better condition.

My advice would be to not perm the hair for a while and see if that makes a difference to the overal quality of the hair.

Good Luck
The team at Matthewdavid Bespoke Hairdressing

solosalon 3 years ago

Go back to science , DO NOT PERM .

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