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Question: Any good spa breaks for asthma sufferers? Saunas and steam rooms can be dangerous for me.

Asked by MovingMaven 3 years ago

3 answers

Other than many types of massage and yoga, what other treatments should I look for at a residential spa? I've tried a salt cave to good results; is there anything else?

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SalonDivine 3 years ago

Try to find spa places with infrared saunas and AC. That way you don't get to thick a humidity that can cause you problems with respiration. Where do you want to go? What country?

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MovingMaven 3 years ago

That's an interesting idea! I'll re-check listings to see if they feature infrared. I'm considering Europe, North Africa, and Central Asia (short- to medium-haul flights) for Feb.-May 2013.

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RebeccaCrutchley 3 years ago

Have you tried Halotherapy? It uses salt to clear out the lungs? x

udi-lisha 3 years ago

Breathing exercises can be very helpful. specific breathing exercises for asthma or general breathing exercises for stress relief.

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MovingMaven 3 years ago

Thanks for the tip. My asthma is well-controlled; I just don't want to spend money on a break at a spa where I can't use half of the facilities. Similarly, a boot camp isn't helpful. Any other types for me?

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