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Question: Can smoking make your hair become greasy quicker?

Asked by  mischicks 1 year ago

2 answers


can smoking effect how quickly your hair becomes greasy?

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 CyndiBritt 1 year ago

I think being an ex smoker who lives with 2 smokers I can honestly answer this. Yes, your hair can become greasy quicker from cigarette smoke. Think of the stain on your fingernails that actually starts as a film of greasy tar. If you look at the walls, ceilings and fixtures in someone's house who smokes in the house you will see a greasy film on everything. So in effec if your hair is already on the oily side you would probably notice a slight difference if you quit smoking because you would no longer be adding a greasy substance to an already oily surface.

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 WildBill 1 year ago

Smoking and it's chemicals carry a variety of components that can stain, dis-color and attach to the fabric of the hair causing undesireable odors. Not to worry because you can cut your hair off but there is no quick fix to the damage that occurs to your lungs. So you have a choice keep the hair or keep the lungs.
Wild Bill

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