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Question: Had nail infection on 3 finger nails, going to a wedding what can I do?

Asked by Steph78 3 years ago

9 answers

I had a nail infection on three fingernails, my nails are now growing again but look awful. I'm a bridesmaid in June and would usually have a manicure but not sure what I can I do to make them look nice. Don't really want to leave them as they are.

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LB-hair-beauty 3 years ago

Hi I would sugguest applying cuticle oil or vaseline to your nails twice a day to help put moisture back into them. Once your nails are back to how they were you can use a nail strengthen varnish to help there growth.
Hope this helps
LB Hair & Beauty

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Bedazzled 3 years ago

Have you been taking any medications to clear the infections up ? Once the infection is cleared and as you say the nails are growing again I would suggest religiously using a decent cuticle oil treatment at least twice a day, keep your nails free from any enhancments for as long as you can, maybe jut a little nail polish and a very gentle file and cuticle tidy if you have to and closer to the date get a professional consultation after your doctor has given you the all clear. Fantastic things can be done for sorry looking nails so dont give up yet. Be patient and as I said if your Doctor confirms that the infection is cleared up make an appointment with a GOOD nail technician/ manicurist for a luxury treatment. HTH

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Steph78 3 years ago

Yes I got some Fucidin from my GP. I had the infection in February. It seems to have cleared up, I have no pain in my fingers and where the new nail has grown it looks fine although a bit bumpy. Will get some cuticle oil tomorrow.

Steph78 3 years ago

Thanks for your help x

LillyBeauty 3 years ago

I would recommend a manicure to give them a good tidy and moisturise them and a gel manicure to hide any discolouration, the gel will even out any ridges and leave them looking smooth and shiny

Sources: http://www.lillybeauty.co.uk

cottymarie 3 years ago

What kind of infection bacterial or fungal. If the still looks discoloured and awful.it may still be present. When is the big day....so we know how long we have to sort it out

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Steph78 3 years ago

I'm not sure what kind of infection it was. I got Fucidin to treat it from my gp. The wedding is at the beginning of June. I'm sure the infection has gone as the new nail that has come through looks normal.

Leonie77 3 years ago

You could always try having a gel polish on which can be either a colour or french, providing ask infection has gone

NikkiFeeney 3 years ago

I would advise having a gel manicure for the wedding day, this hides a world of sins. But i would also say get it removed straight away afterwards, if your nails are recovering from infection you need to keep them free form any polishes/gels etc. Treat them everyday with a nail and cuticle oil day and night time and treat them to lots of lovely hands and nail creams as often as you can until they are fully recovered. If you prefer not to go to a nail bar (as you have had infection) call a mobile therapist in your area. Enjoy the wedding !


Sources: http://www.nikkifeeney.co.uk

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Steph78 3 years ago

Thanks Nikki, is it normal that when you've had a nail infection that it's best to stay away from the nail bars or did you just mean in case I was embarrassed about the state of my nails (which I am!!).

NikkiFeeney 3 years ago

Your welcome, i just meant if you are embarrassed to go to a nail bar, sometimes these nail bars can be a little impersonal, you would be better to have some who will give you a personal service and advise you on the best way to look after your nails and follow up on your progress.

NikkiFeeney 3 years ago

Your welcome, i just meant if you are embarrassed to go to a nail bar, sometimes these nail bars can be a little impersonal, you would be better to have some who will give you a personal service and advise you on the best way to look after your nails and follow up on your progress.

t-c-beauty 3 years ago

Hi , firstly get the infection cleared and then to hide the discolouration and uneven nail surface I would recommend a Gelish manicure to hide any imperfections ... Plus Gelish is self levelling so will give the nail and even finish and can last upto 3 weeks ....

Vickieminx1 3 years ago

I would say cuticle oil on your nails 2ce a day and a good antibacterial cream. If you are on antibiotics then i would not do anything else, but if all cleared up then maybe a coat of shellac or gelish to give you a shine of colour! x

ForeverNails 2 years ago

All depends on what type of infection it is. If it's a fungal infection, it can be treated and covered. If it's a bacterial infection, it needs treatment by a G.P. and should not be covered until the nail has grown out.

Sources: CND Trained and supported technician.

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