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Question: Does this product contain formaldehyde & what reviews have you heard?

Asked by chg231 3 years ago

2 answers

I have had my BBD's done professionally using Nano Keratin products and have been told Kerastraight is a bad product as it contains damaging chemicals.

Please would you let me know what this product is called, what the reviews on it have been like and if there are any bad side effects. I currently pay £80 each time I have a BBD.

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sashikala 3 years ago

Hi! None of the products I use have formaldehyde, most of the tinting dye are based on vegetable dye with hydrogen peroxide to oxidise the tint.
I don't know where you have heard of using formaldehyde in the skin care products they have been used for disinfectant, Photography and Embalming Agent.
I hope it satisfy your question.

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AllOverBeauty 3 years ago

I assume you are talking about the keratin Hair straightening products.As I understand it many treatments for this will contain some formaldehyde in order for them to work efficiently.There are rules regarding the amounts that can be used safely in this country,but there will be some treatments from abroad that may exceed this.I use a reputable hairdresser who has followed all the
research and latest treatments that are safe .I recommend you check with yours and ask the same questions you have asked here.Hopefully they should be able to put your mind at rest.If you want further Q&A look up Salon Geeks website for the latest discussions.Good luck.

Sources: http://www.all-over-beauty.co.uk

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