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Question: Does anyone know the business use category for a therapy centre? Does it fall within B1a or is it D1

Asked by JaneHobbs 3 years ago

2 answers

I'm about to take over an extisting therapy centre offering usual therapies - acupuncture, bowen, chiropractic, massage, homeopathy, counselling etc. We are due to move into new premises which is categorised for use as a B1a building. Does anyone know if therapy centres fall into this category or if they are another category - D1 for clinics and health centres seems most likely? How easy is it to change business use category? Thanks Jane


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yonakanzen 3 years ago

Hi i had to apply for an acupuncture and alternative therapies and the council gave it to me under Sui generis
B1 is for offices and D1 is for doctors

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GeorgeMonkhouse 3 years ago

Yes, it is indeed a D1 license


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