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Question: Names for a spa?

Asked by  jennabbb 2 years ago

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 TranquilSoul 2 years ago

Hi Jenna,
We came up with our business name by finding things/words that we could relate to!
I do holistic as well as beauty treatments so I really wanted my clients to feel totally relaxed and welcome when they came to us - so coming up with Tranquil Soul felt right!
Maybe if there is a theme that you're wanting to portray in your salon - you could word the name of your salon to fit that theme!
One of my friends that does marketing also said that you should try to include what you do e.g. massage or beauty therapies or body health into your name so people know what you're about and they're not left guessing.
Hope I've helped a little?!! :o)
I wish you all the best with your venture!!

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 ClaudiaMiscinski 2 years ago



 NikkiFeeney 2 years ago

Thats a very difficult question to ask others, as the name needs to represent what you want the business to portray and what you want the name to say, listing words to do with your business and what it is all about and coupling them together helps, also some places name themselves with anagrams of their own names.
do let us know what you decide on.

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