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Question: How much would it cost to get my hair bleached blonde? I'm blonde, I did it myself 6 weeks ago.

Asked by leahlovesbradxx 3 years ago

7 answers

I used peroxide and bleach but just hasn't gone right - my tips are ginger, just want it done professionally.

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jolene-c 3 years ago

If you have a scalp bleach you may find it hard to find someone that will do it, I don't.
But you may only need a high lift tint if your hair sint too dark. For this I charge £20. Or lots of bleach highlights which I charge £25 for a T section, £40 for a half head and £50 for a full head. Its hard to know what to do without seeing it but I recomend never colouriing it youself......

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Debbieb21 3 years ago

Hi I would suggest a salon consultation, ours are Free of charge, that way the stylist can advise you correctly and plan how to keep your colour perfect for the summer.

Sources: http://www.backstagehairstudio.co.uk

MatthewDavid 3 years ago

For the best results i would recommend you come into the salon for a complimentary consultation so our colour specialists can analyze your hair to find the best solution for your hair as you have to be extremly careful what you next put on your hair as there are many different brands of product on the market, some of which can react with the product you already have on your hair which can cause the hair to break. Dont rush out for a quick fix as it could make your situation worse.

To book your complimentary consultation or make any enquiries please contact The reception team on 020 7112 2205


Sources: http://www.matthewdavid.co.uk

jamiestuarthairdressing 3 years ago

Hi, the best thing to do is come into the salon and we can have a consultation. http://www.jamiestuarthairdressing.co.uk

ColourQueen55 3 years ago

March yourself into a salon who has a master colourist who can correct your color. They will most likely do a full client evaluation on your hair, ask you lots of questions. This is GOOD!
Then, they will do a test strand to see if your hair is strong enough for color correction.

Blonding is a very elaborate process which is best left to the professional colourist.
Your hair might need to be deep conditioned to get it ready for more lightening.

Depending on what your natural color is, it might take more than one visit to achieve the shade of blonde your heart desires.

Jolly then,

Terri 3 years ago

If you are in the greenville south carolina area. For all over scalp bleach I start around 65 it depends on length and how much hair I am working with. If you want a haircut with it ti will start around 85. I do prefer to clean up the ends at least on the hair after color treatment. If you are interested please let me know 864-363-4445

Oly-Rose 2 years ago

I use a student out of vocational they do it very cheap(if not free) and the meterail is fresh in thier minds. It helps them because they need to pratice and they have to do someones hair as part of the grade they get. So, its a win-win situation really.

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