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Question: Has anyone had a course of Perfector facials, and what results did they see ? How many sessions ?

Asked by AndreaP 3 years ago

4 answers

I'd like to know more about the effectiveness of Perfector facials and the micro currents used in these dacials.

Beauty Treatments, Face Lift - Nonsurgical

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SamJarvis 3 years ago

Perfector is a gentle electronic facial that makes you look younger, requires no downtime and doesn't hurt. You can see the results immediately. A course of 12 treatments is recommended to obtain long lasting results. The treatment lasts for 1 hour. Monthly maintenance is advised.

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PrincessSoraya 3 years ago

Non Surgical Lift uses Micro Current, to exercise the muscles,
strengthen them. The results are very good and you will get results after
a course of treatments.
After the course, you need maintanence 1 or 2 times a month.

The results are better than surgury ad no downtime, no hospital,
less cost, no pain. It is relaxing and effective.

Sources: http://www.PrincessSorayaSalon.co.uk

Manziian 3 years ago

I have used the Perfector machine for 15 years and although now am a specialist male waxer, I would recommend this treatment highly and still do use it on myself and a few lady clients from years back.

Preet123 2 years ago

Hi Andrea,

they can help make you look younger and are completly safe!!! have you looked into where you may want to go to get this done?

i suggest you dedicate like a day and research in to where would be best :)

check http://pamperstopcentral.blogspot.co.uk for beauty advice :) xx

Sources: http://pamperstopcentral.blogspot.co.uk/

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