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Question: Is there anything I can do about my shallow nail beds?

Asked by AngharadM 3 years ago

8 answers

I have very shallow nail beds - so even when I grow my nails long they tend to look shorter and stubbier than most. Is there anything I can do to change this?

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emsey80 3 years ago

hi there a good way to help your nails grow properly is to try using cuticle oil & pushing them up regulary, then use a base coat & a few layers of nail strengther should help.. also some gels can help to give stength to your natural nails like bio sculpture, gelac or shelac..

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3 years ago

Hi, I would stay away from extensions as this is not a long term solution but would certainly work for a special occasion. Emsey is spot on, you need to use plenty of cuticle oil and push your nails back. This will give the appearance of a longer nail bed. There is nothing you can do to change the growth pattern or structure of your nails but you can cheat and make them appear longer than they are. Having Gelish applied will help them in terms of strengh, then when they are at a good length you can get away with having a french polish using an opaque pink, this will allow the tech to place the smile line (White bit) lower down the nail bed to enhance the appearance of the overall nail. I hope this makes sense, feel free to contact me via my page if you need any further help.
Julie x

Sources: http://www.gorgeous-tips.com

swarvey 3 years ago

I love Nailtiques. They are amazing nail strengthening products look on amazon. They do a cuticle oil and a protein polish for the nails. http://www.nailrecovery.com

Sources: http://www.laurasmobilebeautytreats.com

Bex1977 3 years ago

unfortunately we cant change the structure of our nails but i would recommend bio sculpture gel. ive been a nail tech for over 17 years and this is by far the best product ive come across. its a treatment gel so it feeds ur nail plate and encourages growth. they last between 3 and 6 weeks depending on the individual. dont hesitate if u would like any other questions answered. u can find me on facebook....gloss nails....! good luck wiv wot ever u decide ;0)

Emma-Clark 3 years ago

Depending on how shallow they are be carefull with nail extensions, I'm sure you'll receive good advice.. keep your nails short and rounded for a while and use dark colours! Short and dark is a good trend for nails like yours! Always massage cuticle creams and oils every day to promote healthy growth. Emma

Sources: http://www.epitomebeauty.com

ShimmerSprayTanning 3 years ago

Having regular manicures will help, as this will tidy the cuticle and push the cuticle back to add more length. Also, some gel nail enhancements can be used to add length to your nail plus if you use a gel colour similar to your skin tone, this can give the illusion of longer nails beds.

la-belle-vie 2 years ago

Hi, I recommend regular manicures or OPI GELCOLOR/AXXIUM.
Use cuticle oil on a daily basis as this promotes strong, healthy nails.


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sashikala 3 years ago

I would recommend the nail extension & overlays. The common type of nail extension is an acrylic nail extension, however, this may be quickly replaced by gel extensions. Gel extensions does not have a strong smell & also have a clearer finish when completed and do not need to be buffed thoroughly. easy to maintain.

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