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Question: How can I stop my hair from being static/flyaway?

Asked by Judy-J 3 years ago

5 answers

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ColourQueen55 3 years ago

Your hair needs moisture. Use a good conditioner such as Moroccan Oil or Loma Glide Spray On conditioner and detangler. When you blow dry your hair spritz a thermal protective spray and use a nozzle to concentrate the heat and point the dryer down the hairs shaft to close the cuticle and prevent flyaways. You can finish with an argon oil product. Use a thin film in the palm of your hand and smooth over your hair. Done!

Sources: Beaux Arts Hair Salon, Loma, static, flyaway hair, haircuts, hair stylist, bellevue, Washington,

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Judy-J 3 years ago

Thank you! I tend to let my hair dry naturally as it's so thin anyway I don't like to overstyle - is this maybe why it's so static in the mornings?! Thanks!

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Debbieb21 3 years ago

Hi A good conditioner will help, also when drying try to avoid man made fibres or nylon brushes, a good bristle brush like a mason and pearson will help.

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Judy-J 3 years ago

Thank you!

Vickieminx1 3 years ago

Maybe try a leave in conditioner a spray one is a good try

solosalon 3 years ago

Hello, if you get a bristle brush and spray a fine layer of hairspray over the brush and gently go over your hair then use hairspray to hold in postion this should stop static.
Hope this helps
Solo Team.

MissToi 3 years ago

Deep conditioners and moistutizing shampoos, but after styling I like to use a fabric softener sheet to run slightly over the hair if there is still a little static.

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