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Question: What is Dharma Yoga?

Asked by kam17 5 years ago

2 answers

What is Dharma Yoga? Specifically, how is it significantly different from other yoga types, say Vinyasa?


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ShantiShanti 5 years ago


Dharma Yoga focuses on spiritual growth and physical/emotional well-being through asana (postural) practice, pranayama (breath work), devotional music, and meditation.

The Sanskrit word "Dharma" refers to the teachings of Buddha Shakyamuni who lived in India in the 6th century BC; and the ideas of "truth" or "the great norm," the cosmic laws underlying the universe, and 'doing one's duty' in life (as espoused in the ancient Indian texts such as the Gita).

What you would practise physically in Dharma yoga is not tied to a specific school or approach (such as you would find in Ashtanga or Iyengar). What you practise on a physical level would depend on the teacher's style of yoga and training. The influence of Dharma would usually manifest itself through an accompaniment to your physical yoga practise of readings, chanting and guided meditation.

Divya x

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Rhodesmjr80 5 years ago

Dharma Yoga focuses on breathing in otherwise restricted positions. trains you to be able to breathe deeper and steady.

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