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Question: How can I continue to create music if I detach myself from feelings that normally inspire composing?

Asked by tmc102464 3 years ago

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This may be more of a question pertaining to "detachment." I am a professional musician who composes music in addition to performing. Music that I have written normally is created from how I am feeling about something, sometimes positive feelings, sometimes negative feelings. I write best when I feel most passionate. How can I continue to create music if I detach myself from those feelings that normally inspire me to write?

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IntuitiveTherapist 3 years ago

Inspiration is the energy accompanying creation - of life and any aspect of life. The energy of inspiration is powered by love and when composing is either an expression of love or it breaks down the walls of emotions that are preventing that expression of love energy which is the basis of all creation. If you let go of the negative emotions then the inspiration will still flow but maybe in not such an explosive way as there is no dam to break down first, and the music will take on a different quality. I think the process of composing inevitably clears negative emotions and the compositons evolve and eventually express your true self.

Sources: http://www.voicesofthesoul.com

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hypnoian 3 years ago

You must learn to switch off your analytical thinking mind because over analysing what you are attempting to will restrict access to your subconscious mind. When this happens you wont be able to effectively use your imagination or change habits, behaviours or emotions.

If you learn how to use self-hypnosis you will be amazed at how creative you can become when composing music.

The simple answer is:

"Detach yourself from your thinking conscious mind and gain access to your subconscious mind".

Kind regards,

Ian Smith.
Quays Clinic of Hypnotherapy.
Telephone: 0191 2930735.

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GwynLewis 3 years ago

There are two ways of approaching the issue. One way is to get back in connection with the emotions, and create music from your usual source. The other is to create music whilst detached from your usual emotional experiences.

Both approaches are very possible. Creativity does not always need emotion, it just needs creation.

The question is do you want to only create when emotional, or do you want to be able to create when you are feeling detached as well?

The two situations require different approaches.

If you want to create unemotionally, start off with a technical approach. Pick a Key at random. Set your bass chords. Improvise the treble over the top. You will know the notes to play, because you will know what key you are playing in.

Then change the key, change the chord, pick a different inversion, change the treble, add an augmentation here, a dimunition there. Do whatever "technical" things you think of.

Keep on doing those technical and theoretical things using the knowledge you have of the structure of music.

Eventually, the piece will take on its own form, will create its own feelings, you will connect with it, and the process goes from there.

If you want to reactivate your emotions first, the process is different.

Sources: Gwyn Lewis
True Humanistic Empowerment

Kate111 3 years ago

why would you want to lose your emotional memories and associated feelings?

Understanding them and creating balance within them would be more important. I believe emotions are the essence of inspiration.

StellaOberlies 3 years ago

If you feel detached from something, perhaps that is what you need to do at the moment in order to protect yourself from a feeling that you aren not able to cope with at the moment. Forcing yourself to feel may not be very helpful. How would it be if you wrote music about feeling detached, after all you write about the other feelings?
How does it does it feel to be so detached from what you would normally feel? How is it for you not to know if you can write? What happens for you when you cannot access happy or sad feelings in your music? Does listening to the music help you to gain access to your emotions?
That seems a lot to write about - how does it seem to you?

FionaMacLeod 3 years ago

I have to begin by cautioning against detaching from emotions. They are yours and they are telling you something. Ignoring or detaching from them can lead to many problems on energetic, emotional, mental and ultimately physical levels if chronically suppressed.

However, not all composers or writers create based upon their own experiences. Many well known composers simply opened themselves to a wider field than their own consciousness and allowed a flow through them. Perhaps some would consider this "wider field" to be what Jung described as the "collective unconscious". Mozart is well known for declaring that he didn't write his music that is just "came" to him.

No matter how you compose and perform, the flow is through you and therefore your spirit and the essence of who you are infuses the work and it ultimately becomes an expression of you. It would be impossible for the creation to be uninfluenced by your emotions, even if solely by the emotional response to the attempts to block an emotion.

The main pitfall to avoid is the "suffering artist syndrome" whereby artists believe they have to suffer in order to create great works and manifest misery for fear of losing their creativity. This is a false belief. Creativity is not related to suffering. It is related to the allowing of a "flow". It is the allowing of "flow" that is common to all the greats in the world, composers, musicians, artists etc. even athletes.

I fear if you are engaged in fighting off feelings you are more likely to be engaged in a level of neuromuscular lock and mental strain, rather than the condition of flowing relaxation of mind and body enjoyed by the great creators of past and present.

If you are interested, there are many great books on the subject of creativity, the two I would recommend are both by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi - Creativity and Flow.

I hope this is helpful to you.

JoSpaczynska 3 years ago

I am not sure about detaching from your emotions. Emotions are energy and we are all energy.
I wish to clear my most intense emotions, traumatic emotions, the ones that have the greatest charge and may hold me back in actually living my life. I do not believe there are positive or negative emotions, they are all energy.
By clearing these most intense emotions relating to a trauma, I am able to be more in the present with all my emotions. Being in the moment and being in the flow is creative and freeing.
EFT and EmoTrance and NLP are ways of working that free us from intense emotions held in the body from past events. This increases our ability to be creative as we are then living in the flow, being rather than doing.

Sources: Jo Spaczynska

harbirsingh 3 years ago

you will find you are even more creative!!! mindfulness isn't mindlessness. It is the de cluttering and focusing of the mind so that you are more in control of your state (creativity is a state). if you require further info please let me know and I will send you some reading articles that show the effects of meditation of creativity

PaolaEnergya 3 years ago

Hello, I know it's a bit late to reply to your question, but this is an issue I have encountered with many of my massage clients who work in the creative industry.
Writers and musicians need inspiring surrounding and a peaceful mind to be able to be fully creative.
One of my clients swears by the power of massage to make him feel inspired, centred and creative.

You can harness all kinds of feelings into your music; it's just the composing phase that requires peace and quiet.

Most "eureka" moments happen in the bath! I hope you have found the right approach that works for you and you will continue to share your talent with the world.

Kathlin-Austin 3 years ago

I would say that there are many levels you exist simultaneously. I would also say that you seam to know the emotions which usually stimulated you to composing your music. You also have chosen consciously or unconsciously not to explore these emotions any more. That does not mean there is a limit to emotions stimulating you to compose, so once you are fully satisfied with the state you are in right now and explored it's full potential, you will decide not to stay in it any longer and you will look for other emotions or create them.
All the emotions are created within yourself by yourself.
You create your reality. Once you take a role of a creator of it than you gain a control over it.
There must be something you like or which serves a purpose within your reality in the state you are in right now.
Find it and scan it from all site and be honest with yourself whether composing is what you love to do or have you done enough to change your thoughts to encourage the creation of new emotions in order to compose the music of new awareness.
Reality is always in state of becoming.
Once your consciousness is open it takes many forms, it changes settings for new manifestations of it .
Consciousness is never still and seeks constant creativity.
You have access to this bank of unlimited creativity of many dimensions. Once you explore and experience it you can live your life to your joyous satisfaction.
It is also worth to remember that the suffering and pain is equal to withhold and not expressed love towards other expressions of life.
Not given love =pain and suffering = experience of slowed progression towards your true nature.

Kestemont 2 years ago

Feeling emotions and being attached to them are two different things, there is nothing wrong with feeling emotions. It is only when we cling to them and identifie ourselves through them that it gets problematic.
Inspiration comes from a place deep within ourselves, if we can open up to this space and let it emerge naturally the creation that follows will be even deeper and trueer than before