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Question: How to curb salt cravings?

Asked by MarisaF 3 years ago

2 answers

Are there specific foods or tricks to curb salt cravings without reaching for the salty snacks?

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Sherree 3 years ago

Salt cravings frequently are caused by either lack of nutrients or too much sugar. Try eating leafy greens or making green smoothies.


Sources: http://www.sherreeross.com

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Homeopath 3 years ago

It's a question of what is causing the salt cravings in the first place, whether this be nutritional, emotional or an inability to absorb minerals and vitamins properly. With Homeopathy many of the remedies show salt craving as part of the symptoms and with a thorough consultation with a homeopath you would work on a program of putting the body back into balance. Personally I also use supplements and herbs where needed alongside homeopathic remedies. I hope that helps. Claire

Sources: http://www.happyhomeopathy.co.uk