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Question: Looking for Personal Trainer and Massage Therapist for Busy PT Studio in London.

Asked by  PEAKPT 2 years ago

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We have space for a Freelance Personal Trainer and Massage Therapist in our fitness studio in Canada Water, London, please get in touch with us for more information and to have a look at the facilities. www.fitnesslondon.net

Body Pump, Deep Tissue Massage, Personal Training, Sports Massage, Bootcamp Workout

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 Pippa-Jane 2 years ago

I will post this up on the forum for you hope it helps you get someone

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  PEAKPT 2 years ago

Thank You Pippa-Jane

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 seanieh 2 years ago

hello David, ok where do I begin? Been training myself on a personal level for 30 odd years and training people for 24 years. Formally qualified through Premier Training and REPS Level 3. Sports Massage Therapist BTEC Level 5 Diploma through LSSM (London School of Sports Massage) Member of the ISRM. Kettlebell and Sandbag training instructor. Boxed as a junior at Lynn AC in Camberwell and Westminster Boys Club and still spar and train as I did all those years ago. Love helping people attain their goals and love massaging people to. Can give postural assessment and give corrective exercise to alleviate dysfunction. Still learning, still always up for personal development.
If I sound like someone who you need then here's my e-mail

p.s. married a girl from Bermondsey, so I know the area well

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 scott39 2 years ago

yes i have had look site look good from scott

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  PEAKPT 2 years ago

Thank you Scott, i appreciate the feed back! your more than welcome to com and see the studio too when your free, Cheers


 WizFitness 2 years ago

Are you looking for a PT and massage therapist combined or separate?

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  PEAKPT 2 years ago

Hi, We are looking for a massage therapist and PT. There are various options, full time which s rental based and we also offer a commision based scheme as well. Please feel free to contact me on 07714230071 for more information and your more than welcome to come in for a cht an to see the facilities. Thanks


 FitnessFirm 2 years ago

Ok space with clients or you want me to rent ?

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  PEAKPT 2 years ago

Hi, We can help you advertise for clients to an extent, however it is mainly down to your own promotion but we can either charge you rent for the space or you can work commision based.


 marosbodyrecovery 2 years ago

Interesting, I would like to get more information if possible

Sources: http://www.marosbodyrecovery.co.uk


 gymjunkie 2 years ago

Hi i have been free lancing as a pt for several years, been looking at posture for the duration, i am level 3 active IQ qualified, i have level 2 circuits, level 3, pre and post natal, i have level 3 holistic and level 4 sports masssage, i work in a sports therapy clinic, currently on a foundation degree in sports therapy, hoping to progress onto the BSc to ultimately specilaise in rehabilition and sports injuiries. i am able to write programs to improve posture and treat tight causing reciprocal inhibition. Can i come and have a look?

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  PEAKPT 2 years ago

Hey Please do come and have a look, it sounds like you would be a great input to the team!
Please call or text me and you could come over tomorrow (Thursday) if your free? Thanks


  PEAKPT 2 years ago

Hey Please do come and have a look, it sounds like you would be a great input to the team!
Please call or text me and you could come over tomorrow (Thursday) if your free? Thanks


 trainwithdan 2 years ago

Thanks. Will pass on your details


 4ForYou 1 year ago


I’m not sure, if it’s still actual, if so please contact us.

We are a team of talented, educated to the MSc degree in Physiotherapy and experienced Therapists, confident that we can give you the best professional sports and deep tissue massage therapy you've ever had...!
Please read review about us on

Combination of Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage and Indian Head Massage.

Sports Massage with Deep Tissue and Warm Oil to ease the tension in you muscle

I could organize PT OR Yoga Instructors also.

Best regards

Sources: http://www.4foryou.co.uk/deep-tissue-swedish-massage-london.php