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Question: with the cold, dry winter weather what is the best moisturizing regimen?

Asked by isabellewahanda 3 years ago

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SarahChoudray 3 years ago

Hi, The best moisturising routine in the current weather conditions would be using almond oil on the skin. Its a natural source of hydration to the skin and will also nourish and prevent the skin from drying out with the harsh weather conditions at the moment. Use a small amount in the evening before you go to sleep. Its a great overnight treatment and you will wake up with soft supple skin.

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RegNurse 3 years ago

Environ products are excellent all year round. The basics of the range include a Vitamin A rich moisturiser, following a step up programme over time as the skin is introduced to increasing levels of active ingredient. You should ALWAYS protect your skin with a broad spectrum spf, even in winter, in Environ – this is called RAD. If your skin needs extra moisture – then their Hydrating Oil Capsules are great – break one open and leave on the skin overnight for a silky smooth result.

solosalon 3 years ago

I would suggest Dermalogica Special cleansing gel, Multi active toner, Daily microfoliant, Active moist, Barrier repair, Sheer moisture. Hope this helps you.

SangeetaSahi 3 years ago

Depending upon your body and skin type, ayurveda is a great regime for skin care. During the winter I would use a little sesame oil on your face and body.
I would also consider using a mesotherapy boost of Vitamin C, this will really boost your skin's immune system and give dull skin a radiant glow from within. Mesotherapy allows 100% of the Vitamin C to be absorbed by the cells.
Finally, drink plenty of water- we don't feel so thirsty in the winter, but the body holds onto more water during the winter and can get dehydrated fast especially with heating and radiators etc.This results in the skin being dehydrated and losing moisture.

Sources: drsangeetasahi@gmail.com

laurasmobilebeautytreats 3 years ago

I use Clarins products and always use a serum in the winter under my normal moisturiser.

So I use Clarins Hydra Quench Cream am and Pm with Clarins Hydra Quench Serum underneath in the winter.

All brands will have options. If you want something more affordable then Clarins then Body Shop is always a good option.

Sources: http://www.laurasmobilebeautytreats.com

Vickieminx1 3 years ago

Paraffin wax treatments are fab and along side with a intense moisturiser such as an oil based one Boots almond one is very cheap and very effective

Fathiya 3 years ago

Hi, sticking to your daily cleaning, toning and moistuzing routine and use night cream. Depending on your skin a deep facial cleanes once a month or every six weeks will help with get rid of dead skin and help with new skin growth.

Fathiya 3 years ago

Hi, sticking to your daily cleaning, toning and moistuzing routine and use night cream. Depending on your skin a deep facial cleanes once a month or every six weeks will help with get rid of dead skin and help with new skin growth.

ClearComplexions 3 years ago

Hi Isabellewahanda
I would always suggest using a good hydrater, antioxident and the most important is to always use an spf.
The Dermaquest range uses a layering technique to get the best results. The range also has a good spf 30 moisturiser.

I hope this helps

Sources: http://www.clearcomplexions.co.uk

Ellereef 3 years ago

Hi there, I would recommend you ensure you exfoliate weekly so that any moisteriser you use if working to its full potential on you skin - rather than being wasted on the dead skin cells on the surface. Always remove make up in the evening and therefore follow with a night cream or oil to repair and nourish while you sleep.
Hydratring from the inside out by drinking plenty of water will keep your skin tip top all year round - against air con and central heating.
Hope you find this helpful.

heihelena 2 years ago

use moisturizer that contains urea for your body :)

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