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Question: Does anyone know of a good walking club in Newbury, Berkshire please?

Asked by theduchess550 3 years ago

2 answers

I need to start walking each day following an operation on my ankle, and I think it will be much easier with a buddy or via a club. Ideally walking for an hour on weekdays and more on weekends as I get stronger. Goals are to get fit, lose weight and most importantly to overall strengthen my foot and body. I am looking at Pilates as a non weightbearing exercise and I am quite intrigued by the machines... Any ideas/interest please?

Walking Groups, Stretching, Neuro-skeletal Realignment Therapy, Pilates, Physiotherapy

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Paulineyogafitnessclasses 3 years ago

I recommend you look for a Nordic Walking Instructor. There is a Nordic Walking website and you may find someone in Berkshire.

Sources: http://nordicwalking.co.uk/

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adammurby 3 years ago

I'm sure a Pilates teacher could help you strengthen your ankle, possibly on the reformer machine.

Perhaps it might be a better idea though to build strength in the ankle by slowly building up balances standing on one leg. Possibly on a yoga mat doubled over.

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