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Question: Can I dye my black hair dark brown without lightening it first?

Asked by lomi-lomi 5 years ago

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Katrice 5 years ago

black is one of the hardest colors to get out of your hair, along with red....there are a couple of ways to lighten your hair; one, all over lightener & then dye your hair the dark brown, two, heavy highlight & tone the highlights the color you want or three, transition to dark brown. since there is not much difference between black and dark brown, you can dye your roots the dark brown from here on out (but don't pull the color through until the 4th time you color). If your doing it yourself. if not, just talk to your stylist.

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MAGGIEPOSH 5 years ago

No It can't be done without prelightening first if the hair has color on it already. If the hair is virgin hair you will have to lighten it a shade. I would reccomend a professional in salon consultation to go over your options. Many salons offer complimentary consultations.

nyjess 5 years ago

NO. You can't lighten black hair without lightening it first. I would go to a salon and have a professional lighten your hair to dark brown.

Moira 5 years ago

If you have color in your hair your colorist can gently remove it with color remover first and then color your hair the color you want. Or if your natural color is dark you have many options. Your colorist could foil your hair or use and all over color with a cool tone to lighten your hair. DO NOT BLEACH YOUR HAIR AT HOME, you will end up having a hair disaster!

HairByPierre 5 years ago

Only if it's naturally black and not Permanently colored. if it's colored you must do a bleach wash first by a qualified professional. there is a Color by lorel that is for Dark Hair Only and only takes one application that will work on you natural Black hair.

in2msclkw 5 years ago

your going to have to lighten a shade in order to see the color change

Suzannewithscissors 5 years ago

No. Some people will heavily highlight their hair in order to go lighter and then die it the color they want. You can just lighten your whole head and then color it dark brown but I would leave it to a professional.

ihairbook 5 years ago

Hi Lomi Lomi,
Does your black hair color is in normal condition? Does your black is a natural color? How many % gray hair she/he has? (gray hair CANNOT use heater) If yes, you can dye it to dark brown with 30% or 40% volume creme developer! (30% volume will lighten up 2-3 lighten level, 40% volume will lighten up 3-4 level and use on OFF SCALP) it takes about 30-45 mins and need to keep watching color processing ! If color come out quick, you need to raise out . If color come out slow, you need to use heater for about 10-15 mins. it depends what type of your hair constructions you have --->Fine, Normal, Coarse,

In my experiences, If your black hair color is a coloring hair, you need to blench your hair with 30% volume developer with lighten powder. when you see the hair lighten then raise it out, then mix toner with the 10% volume developer and dark brown color to the lightened hair then wait for 10-15 mins.

Thank You!


Anitahairdo2day 5 years ago

depending on wheather your hair is naturally black/ dr.brown or you have tinted black hair will tetermine the course of action. If it is already tinted definantly needs to be lightened first then put on your target color. If it is virgin hair you could put on a lighter shade on your hair with a ash or olive base to cut some of the red that you will get when you lighten the hair. You need to go to at least a level 6 with ash tone to get the desiered result.

HairStylana 5 years ago

I think the black color is hard to change, but I think you have to do with the slightly brighter color from the use of special measures to protect your hair from damage, or slowly roll over to the dark brown, coloring just the roots growing out of dark brown. So will be easier and your hair will be not damage. Your choice :)

ValerieH 5 years ago

yes only if it is your natural hair color. meaning you have never put black hair coloring in your hair.

Katie-Ittner 5 years ago

It depends on weather or not your black hair is natural or artificial. Artificial pigment cannot be removed with regular hair color, and will need to be pre-lightened. However, if your hair is naturally black, any regular, permanent hair color will lift your hair color two levels lighter when used with 20 volume (6%) developer. Therefor, if you have naturally black hair (level 1) and only want to go to dark brown (level 3), you can achieve it in one step using permanent (ammoniated) hair color.

jasminrose 5 years ago

well there something you can do but it takes a while and patience you can take a bottle of hydrogen peroxide 3% and spray the hair and walk in the sun it will slowly lighten the hair to dark brown then too brown and then you can get a 20 creme developer after you have reach the desire brown too give it blonde high lights... you just put it in a spray bottle and leave it in and that it... and walk in the sun it will take a while also get head and shoulders shampoo and wash it often it will lighten the black hair ..... i had soft black hair dyed and now i have brown hair with nice blonde highlights like brooke shield,.. good luck

jasminrose 5 years ago

The hydrogen peroxide 3% will be less harmful then bleaching the hair ok but yes you need too lighten the hair first too achieve that sunkissed look you looking for.... honey also is a good lightener as well but it takes a long time too achieved the look.....

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