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Question: Do you have a preference between a male and female therapist?

Asked by thetreatmentden 3 years ago

14 answers

Can you help out?

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SharonsMassageTherapy 3 years ago

I don't mind either way - providing they provide professional treatments and have a firm grasp of their anatomy

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paultucker 3 years ago

We recognise that on occasion some clients will have a gender preference, so we try to provide choice by having both male and female practitioners working at our clinic. Whilst it's rare for clients to request a specific gender, it's probably for a very important reason to that client (e.g. trust or abuse-related issues) so it feels important to be able to meet the needs of each client where at all possible.

Sources: http://www.equilibrium-clinic.com/

NaturalHealer 3 years ago

I always request a male therapist that does deep tissue massage.... I find male therapists have better body mechanics and use body weight is very important when you need therapeutic massage.

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thetreatmentden 3 years ago

That's really interesting to read that as your experience, one of the most powerful / deepest massages I had was from the slightest of therapists - there was nothing of her. But she knew how massage and how to use her body effectively.

Maristela 3 years ago

Either way. The most important thing is if the Therapist is professional and has the ability to perform the massage treatment.

SenoirTherapist 3 years ago

It shouldn't really matter what sex u are as long as your a Full Quailifed professional and fully insuranced.

AndrewWolfeLMP 3 years ago

This is personal preferance. My experience has been patients preferring a stronger touch when treating medical issues and not so much in the spa setting, as there decision to seek me out. I have had other patients say they sought me out because they didn't want the therapist to talk the whole hour about them, as this was what some of their experience was in receiving massages by other therapists. We need to remember about patient care; what are their needs?

sexysam 3 years ago

no preference at all. Providing the therapist has full insurance and conduct him/herself in a professional manner.

TheWaxingStudio 3 years ago

havent a problem in the slightest - as long as they are knowledable and qualified and insured doesnt make a difference

MassageTherapyLondonThai 3 years ago

as a male therapist it's irrelevant for me my client's gender. When I go myself for massage I just choose the best therapist available

BeautybyRoxie 3 years ago

i dont mind either. i think i wouls feel more comfortable with a female during certain treatments but i would rather have an experienced professional male doing my treatments than a bitchy woman. (not saying all women are bitchy but many a time have i been in a salon and the therapists have all stood aaround talking about a client after she leaves. not good at all).

osteopathacupuncture 3 years ago

Either - it dpends on how you relate to them.

Sources: http://www.osteopathyacupuncture.co.uk

FacesbyRobin-LE 3 years ago

Some married women prefer only female therapist. Some men will never allow another male to massage them. Be comfortable in the knowlege that as a male therapist there will always be those that are not comfortable with you or if given a choice, they will request a female.

XiaoYing 3 years ago

I personally want an excellent massage performed on the knowledge, experience and good work. It is true that for a man, feminine energy will be fine ... and, to a woman, a masculine energy. But the important thing is to give each person individually customized (tailored) massage designed for the specific need to show that person.

Sources: http://www.masajexiaoying.es.tl

reikimtngirl 3 years ago

Gender should not matter, it's ability to perform the massage to your liking that counts.

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