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Question: I have ingrown hairs on my upper arm and upper back, what can i do to get rid of/treat it?

Asked by anna91 3 years ago

9 answers

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ResidentialBeauty 3 years ago

Sure you can. it need some exfoliation, some hydrating mask and...done.
Not sure if is on my menu but it can be done. Cheer up, is not a big problem (:

Sources: cristina @ http://www.residentialbeauty.co.uk

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SarahChoudray 3 years ago

Hi, I would reccomend for you to try dry body brushing, followed by dry body exfoliation and then shower it off.

thetreatmentden 3 years ago

For all my clients I recommend the following. Three days after your treatment exfoliate the area with a mitt, brush or scrub product. For your back this can be hard, so after a shower / bath pull the towel tight and give a rub. When exfoliating remember you are trying to loosen the dead skin cells and keep pores clear - your not trying to sandpaper your skin!

You should also moisturise the skin and areas daily to keep it soft and supple to help new hairs grow through easily. For your back this can be quite difficult, so try to get hold of some Outback Organics Post-Wax Spray ... its great for backs! Stocks should be arriving in salons very very soon!

They can be a problem that some people can just suffer with. There are some great anti-ingrown hair serums and products, but you need to be careful as some can dry the skin out slightly and aren't suitable for using immediately after hair removal.

Sources: http://www.thetreatmentden.co.uk/treatments/waxing/107-aftercare-advice

SenoirTherapist 3 years ago

Exfoliation - use a cream not too grainy and that will help with the build of of dry skin also don't wear to tight clothing as it maybe the problem as it rubs againsnt the skin causing the hairs to break & ingrown. Try a back cleanse or consulate ur Dr or Nurse.

BeautyandtheSpa 3 years ago

Hi, ensure that you exfoiliate your skin and try dry body brushing. Goodluck :-)

anna91 3 years ago

Thanlk you all for giving me fantastic advise, I am going to try these over the next few months hopefully there will be some improvement!

anna91 3 years ago

I tried all of that, but nothing works :(.. I think I'm starting to get some on my legs too :(

laurasmobilebeautytreats 3 years ago

Use a shower mitt with shower gel every day for 1-2 weeks then once a month to maintain. Also moisturise your skin. If they are really bad then calendula healing ointment is great for healing the skin available at Boots and Holland & Barrett.

Sources: http://www.laurasmobilebeautytreats.com

AdancedBeauty 1 year ago

HI Anna,i wondered how your getting on now and if the great advice on this page helped you, gentle exfoliation is great i would use a combination of a bristle brush with a long handle (i get mine from boots) and a gentle scrub that you can make your self from finely ground sugar i use brown and grind it in a salt mill, mix it with honey apply to the area and gently rub it in circular movements use it in the bath when your skin is damp , if you have the time once or twice a week leave it on like a mask for 10 minutes ...honey is very healing and has antiseptic properties the sugar apart from being the perfect texture for a scrub has a natural acid that also helps to exfoliate.. the bristle brush should be used with a shower gel on the days in between ..

All the best
Georgia x

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