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Question: Where to buy the best original thai herbal compresses in London or in the UK?

Asked by  MassageTherapyLondonThai 2 years ago

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I use to have thai compresses from thailand, but now need some urgently in London. Within weeks I should have a new largish delivery and will be able to share with interested massage therapists

Thai Massage, Thai Luk Pra Kob Massage, Herbal Compress Massage, Thai Foot Massage

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 paultucker 2 years ago

Hello - we keep these in stock and have 3 packs of 2 Thai herbal compresses left, plus one pack of 2 facial compresses. We are less than 2 mins walk from Lewes Railway station, which is an hour from Victoria.
The large packs are just £9.95 for 2, and the small facial ones are £7.95.
Pleae let me know on 01273 470955 if you'd like us to keep them aside for you.

Sources: http://www.equilibrium-clinic.com/

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  MassageTherapyLondonThai 2 years ago

I have read on forums, that those from ellisons are 75% filled with clay and doesn't have therapeutic effect of medicinal herbs, like those original ones from thailand. I would rather avoid "thai style" made in the UK and insted go for "made in thailand".

Thanx all for help, now I got my new delivery - big ones 170g for some 4gbp


 Siamthai-1 2 years ago

Dear MassageTherapyLondonThai,

I don't have any connections in the UK nor London.

I usualy get my thing directly from Thailand.

Sorry I cannot help you.

Kind regards

Siam Thaimassage

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  a-Robert 2 years ago

We sell them at Integrated Body Dynamics 0208 347 0888 £10 each, small facial once £5 each


 Zoe-01 2 years ago


I am trainer in Thai Compress massage, we also stock Thai Herbal Compresses in the UK,
they are imported from Thailand so are the real deal. I have emailed Fran to let her know that you may be in contact but her is here email address and link to the website

Hope this helps,

Zoe Kaplinsky

Sources: http://www.serenebeingmassage.co.uk


 Crystalharmony1 2 years ago

I am pretty sure you can get it online at massagewarehouse.


 CityMarshall 1 year ago

I am very happy to recommend Ellisons herbal compress bags.
They cost about £2 or £3 each and they do free delivery for orders over £50.
I lived in Thailand for years, and these are perfectly authentic!

Sources: http://www.ellisons.co.uk/Store/Product/6414.aspx