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Question: How to reduce oily skin?

Asked by brigita 3 years ago

17 answers

Oily T zone! Cheeks are quite dry and red.

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ReebaMobileBeauty 3 years ago

A good skincare routine is needed for all skin types this is the easiest way to maintain healthy happy skin – for oily skin you need to use water based products – turn to the ingredients and if the first or second word is aqua then that’s the one you need to use! Cleanse, tone and moisturise morning and night, with a separate eye cream to your face moisturiser as well, exfoliate 2 to 3 times weekly after the cleanse part of your routine – if your skin is very oily then try to find a light exfoliator that isn’t too harsh on your skin and use every day (once a day) then once a week add a prescriptive masque to your routine (cleanse, exfoliate, masque, tone, moisturiser) and treat yourself to a facial once a month if you can – drinking plenty of water and eating healthy will also effect your skins appearance – less oily foods will help to clear your skin as well as exercise. Here is my blog with some advice ... http://www.reebamobilebeauty.com/blog/2011/06/24/Face-Value.aspx?trackback=1 I hope this helps xx

Sources: http://www.reebabmobilebeauty.com

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heihelena 2 years ago

do we have to reduce fat in our diet to reduce oil in our skin??

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annielizstan 1 year ago

Choose a gentle face soap that cleans your face well without drying out your skin. Do not use a moisturizing soap that adds oils or moisturizers to your face.
Use warm water when washing your face.
Avoid oil-based cosmetics, which add oil to your face.
Do not use cold creams or lotions for makeup removal if you have oily skin.
Avoid oily, greasy foods and heated fats which aggravate oily skin conditions. Replace unhealthy fats in your diet with healthy fats found in foods like nuts, seeds, avocados, and lean poultry and other meats.
Eat natural foods and fresh fruits and vegetables as much as possible. Some vegetables known to be especially good for the skin include cucumbers, tomatoes and green leafy vegetables, among others.
It will right for you.

DrAnnaHemming 3 years ago

Hi Brigita

Oily skin can be helped in a number of ways. It sounds as if you have a mixture of oily and dry skin. This is very common and can be confusing to know what to use on it. There are so many products out there. It would be helpful to know if you suffer from acne or rosacea as well as this would make a difference to treatment options, as would the your age bracket as some products are more suitable on ageing skin and others on younger firmer skin.

You might want to look into a facial wash for oily skin and an oil control gel - like the one from NeoStrata. There are other systems by Obagi I could recommend depending on more factors and some really lovely treatments from the Glo Therapeutic range. Product selection depends on how severe the problem is as well as the age and possible skin damage that may have occurred over time. If you are really wanting to get a professional opinion to assess your skin and recommend products for the best results then I would be very happy to help.


Sources: http://www.ProStrata.com

tink10 3 years ago

When you apply moisteriser leave out the middle section it has enough sebum, use a light moisteriser on cheeks they sound sencitive, a facial clay mask could you be used on you tzone ps greasy skin keeps you younger longer :-)

Sources: http://www.unwind-uk.com/skinfacials.htm

lisapawley 3 years ago

exfoliate the oily t zone once a wk, u will find that red and dry on cheeks will class has sensitive skin, i would recommend a good salon and have a dermalogica face mapping, therapist can then reccommend good skin regime for you..

Pearlmac 3 years ago

Hi if your skin is both sensitive on cheeks and oily on T panel , you may be using products which are to strong for your skin and over activating your Oily areas and making the others sensitive and dry. It would recommend that you use products for sensitive skin and use gently, only use cool water on your skin and try to use products that are perfume and mineral oil free. Use a mineral oil free moisturiser on your dryer areas only. You skin will then settle down and not be over stimulated in either area.

Sources: My 30 years experience and continual professional development in a variety if products

LauraWhiteMakeup-Beauty 3 years ago


My skin used to be very similar to this, especially at this time of year.

I would advise using a creamy cleanser that doesn't strip your skin of it's natural oils, something like Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish or Soap & Glory Fab Pore Hot Cloth Cleanser.

At night after cleansing I would recommend using a facial oil such as La Sultane De Saba Carrot and Syrian Rose facial oil which is healing and balancing for oily to combination skin.

A lot of the issue you may be experiencing with the oily areas is that by using harsh products on your t-zone it strips your skin of it's natural oils causing your skin to overproduce oil to protect itself. It causes this issue on your t-zone as you have bigger pores in this area and it causes the dryness and irritation on your cheeks as your skin doesn't produce as much oil so it's stripped dry.

I hope this all makes sense and helps!!

Sources: Personal and professional experience

BeautyBySophia 3 years ago

Choose creamy or milky cleansers that will add moisture and leave your cheek area fine film that boosts skin protection,if you use soap choose glycerine based, you should exfoliate around the cheek area more,choosing moisturizer that are high in water will also help,or oil free creams,which will suppley your cheeks with extra hydration without over simulating the oil in your T zone. hope these tips will help.

BlackDiamondBeauty 3 years ago

First of all I would recommend to you to eat fruits rich in vitC it will increase a strength of capillaries as well as improving skin immunology. Good and light skin moisturiser with vitC, arnica, hamamelis or horse chestnut is something your face needs now. Due to cold weather I also recommend to wear a good mineral foundation as a protection for your cheeks and for matt finish for your T zone. There is nothing worser for sensitive skin as differences in temperature between outside and inside. Good mineral protection could be very helpful now. The best peeling product for you would be a gommage or enzimatic peeling as scrub can irritate sensitive area, AHA peels would be an answer for your problem as well so ask about it next time you'll see the beauty salon offering it. Don't hesitate to ask me about advice, to find my email please visit:

Rodolfo-Valentin 3 years ago

Rodolfo Valentin skin care experts at their spa have a large experience in helping people with oily skin reduction.

Sources: http://www.rodolfovalentin.com/spa

jennylee 3 years ago

firstly how oily is your skin and how long have you had this broblem and do you have any spots if so it may be hormone based you may need to see your doctor and you may need to check your diet making sure you have another clear drinks as for facials a green clay mask once a week for 4 week with out steaming making sure you scrub and tone first
srub face 3 times aweek as dont want to dry out your skin

SpaGirl22 3 years ago

I have a great product line that can help you with Beauticontrol. Check out my website I would be happy to send you a sensor strip that you can tell exactly what product will work for your t-zone needs. Each skin care product is individualized to your skin care concerns. I can than send your perscription that is right for you.

Sources: http://www.beautipage.com/spa_girl22

PrincessSoraya 3 years ago

From: Princess Soraya Salon
38 Rosemont Road,
London NW3 6NE


Email: fahari@talk21.com

M; 07802 783 462

We perform ChromaLight (LED) with four different Lights.
The machine has 4 different lights with different
Speeds. Red, Blue, Green and Yellow.
We use special Professional serums related to skin condition and
problem in parallel to the Relevant Light, to treat the problem.

Using RED Light:
Cell Rejuvenation, Activate & improve the function of immune and lymphatic
System, decrease inflammation, great for Eczema

Using BLUE Light:
Reduce Swelling, ease insomnia, calm allergy & Acne, and eliminate toxins,
Help headache & fever, Antiseptic & Antibacterial

Using Green Light:
Relax muscles, help Lymph Flow, relieve fever, strengthen immune &
Endocrine systems, reduce wrinkles, reduce and fade skin pigmentation and

Using Yellow Light:
Anti-aging, smooth skin, produce more collagen, toning muscles

Sources: http://www.PrincessSorayaSalon.co.uk

Practitioner 3 years ago

Try ultrasonic hydrotherapy see more at the site below.
At our service, Christian.

Sources: http://www.wellness.coastline-consulting.net

Practitioner 3 years ago

Try ultrasonic hydrotherapy see more on our site below,
at your service, Christian

Sources: http://www.wellness.coastline-consulting.net

la-belle-vie 1 year ago

Eve Taylor facials will help you a great deal as it has with many of my clients.


Mobile Beauty Therapist Sugaring Specialist, Experienced & Qualified

I cover London, Essex, Kent, Surrey & More

The treatments which I provide are . . . .

- Sugaring hair removal
- Waxing
- Brazilian Hot Wax
- Opi gelcolor/axxium manicures/pedicures (last up to 4 weeks chip free).
- Minx Nails
- LVL lashes Lift length volume lashes (last up to 6 weeks).
- Individual lash extensions (lasts up to 4 weeks).
- Eyelash and eyebrow tinting (lasts 4 weeks).
- Facials (Eve Taylor)
- Bridal and any occasion Makeup & Hair (I have a portfolio of work I have done . . . Arab and Asian makeup)
- Airbrush make up coming soon . . .

More services also available, please enquire.

If you would like anymore information on the services I have to offer please contact me.

Sources: http://www.la-belle-vie.co

WestLondonColonics 1 year ago

hi I am Julia Rhodes of West London Colonics.
Why not try a systemic approach ?
The skin is an organ of elimination; often a colonic can work wonders helping shift the load off it , by getting the other eliminative doing their jobs better.

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