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Question: Will a lymphatic drainage massage help boost my immune system?

Asked by kam17 5 years ago

15 answers

Will a lymphatic drainage massage help boost my immune system?

Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Therapeutic Massage, Lymphatic Drainage

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Anna9 5 years ago

Yes it definitely will! We do them at our spa its especially great for circulation. One of the best way to boost your immune system is to cut white flour and sugar our of your diet. It will amaze you what a difference it makes

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Rhodesmjr80 5 years ago

Lymphatic massage doesn't really boost the immune system, rather it helps clean and move out toxins and blockages that may be inhibiting the immune system. Although be aware that because this modality moves toxins through the body faster than normal, if you have any illness, ie: a cold or flu or one that is coming on, know that you may become sicker than when you went in but will feel better faster after about 48 hours later. You may want to drink a lot of water afterwards to help flush out your system and a hot tub may help with any discomfort.

Sources: Michelle Rhodes NMLMT#5775
Denver School of Massage Therapy

johnperrott 5 years ago

Hi Kam. Studies on lymphatic massage have shown that by pushing fluid through the lymph glands a huge boost is given to the white blood cells that defend your body. A one off session on its own has limited value but regular massage lessens the length of time that viruses and bacteria stay in the tissues. Obviously cost is a factor so try skin brushing regularly with a soft bristle brush. The main glands are behind the ankles, behind the knees, on the inner upper thighs, below the diaphragm, under the armpits. the lymph finally flows back into the bloodstream under the left collar bone.
John Perrott

CarolineIA 5 years ago

Lymphatic Drainage is a delicate form of massage that stimulates the body’s lymphatic system, improving the metabolism, helping the body to eliminate waste and toxins and providing a boost to the immune system.

Lymphatic drainage massage is especially useful for individuals who seem to suffer regularly from common illnesses like colds and flu. It has been cited as having a positive effect on problem skin, cellulite, dysfunctional respiratory systems and people with low energy

MariaMSanchez 5 years ago

Hello darling,
Lymphatic drainage massage can help your body fight infection and speed up healing and recovery from illness. So, on that respect, helps the inmune system to battle against illnesses.
It's beneficial for many other things too :-). Remember that good nutrition and the right mental actitude are as important as the massage.
Happy 2010!!!

Reformednurse 5 years ago

Yes. Lymphatic flow is dependent on the circulatory system and the muscular system for return of lymph from the tissues and outer extremeties to the lymph channels. This flow is vital for proper immune function. It is very useful for cancer adjuvant therapy, and is recommended by many holistic physicians for this reason. Other things affect immune function as well, such as diet, exercise, vitamin D, and stress. How you react to stress- how you perceive it- also determines how your immune system functions.

Rogerio 5 years ago

The lymphatic drainage is the best way for it. When we take of toxins from your body, it work properly and really better.

Suzanne 5 years ago

Lymphatic drainage will definitely help your immune system, maybe combine it with body brushing or Aromatherapy with specific oils for the immune system.

Perfectouch 5 years ago

Yes it will. It also helps increase circulation.

MarciBodyRenewal 5 years ago

Lymphatic drainage will help to flush out toxins that suppress the immune system. Because of that, lymphatic drainage has been known to initially make people feel sick before they feel better. While I do not believe that lymphatic drainage will help boost the immune system, I do believe that if done on a regular basis it can help. Lymphatic drainage done properly can help your immune system by allowing your body to ward off illness more quickly.

LoiuseOaks 5 years ago

Yes it will I love Lymphatic drainage massage as it clears all of the toxins from your body. I had a fantastic lymphatic drainage facial the other day, so good in this weather I had a runny nose straight after and then my hole head was clear for the rest of the day!

Sources: http://www.returntoglory.co.uk/Client/Face---Anne-Semonin-deep-cleansing_492_ServiceHome.aspx

LaurelleCMT-CLE 5 years ago

Yes it will :) Lymphatic Drainage is a delicate form of massage that stimulates the body’s lymphatic system, improving the metabolism, good for circulaton too while helpiing the body to eliminate waste and toxins and providing a boost to the immune system.

Here at Rejuvenaire Med Spa in Upland, California, I can accomadate you with a "Custom Massage," that will be just designed by your therapist for you with a combination of techniques to meet your special needs. Service includes warm aromatherapy towels depending on your contraindictions, along with a cool stone face massage and eye treatment.
Also be careful to about what your diet intake is too and how often you exercise will also enhance your immune as well.
Feel free to contact me personally to discuss any other concern that you might have
909-373-3149 and ask for Laurelle :)

And thank you for staying healthy!

Sources: http://rejuvenairemedspa.com/index.html

chrissysmassage 5 years ago

Lymphatic Drainage has helped others with immune systems, swelling, and toxic release as well. I'm not an expert at Lymphatic, but had some practice with the modality myself in school. Research shows also, that It works wonders for cancer patients when the lymphs have been removed to assist in drainage or what we call, "the vaccum" of the body.


DallasOncologyMassage 5 years ago

The lymphatic system fights infection when working properly. Manual Lymphatic Drainage assists a block system in restoring the intended function of the system.

Luiz-Parana 5 years ago

Dear Kam

First, as far I am concerned the Lymphatic drainage massage technique does not exist. What does exist is the deep tissue massage.

Now, the Lymphatic system works like a filter in the body, cleaning anything that can cause you harm. We could say here, that the lymphatic system could be divided in 2 parts, one deal with any psychological problem, such as for example stress.
The other, deals with the physical, such as your workout in the gym.

There are 5 main Lymphatic glands in your body; those are the filters responsible to clean your body (physical) system. Every time you exercise or do any type of activity, this makes a improvement in your circulation and allows those glands to do their work.

“In simple words”
Deep tissue massage remove toxins from your muscle and throw it into the blood system, the blood sends it to the lymphatic glands to throw this a way.

Example: a person that trains almost every day, and for some reason takes 2 weeks off, no training, no walking, just TV, bed and food. This person normally end ups with little painful lumps under the armpit, or get something like a cold, pain behind the knee, etc.

This would be the same for someone that is inactive. The body immune system can’t function properly.

Hope this answers your question

Please do not hesitate to contact me for further information or a better explanation.

Take care


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