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Question: Can you still have a pedicure or reflexology if you have a verruca?

Asked by namaste 5 years ago

8 answers

I recently developed a verruca on my foot which I am treating but was wondering if it was still possible to have a pedicure or reflexology or if I should wait until it clears?

Pedicure, Reflexology

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NWReflexology 5 years ago

Hi Namaste - I am a reflexologist and it is fine to have a treatment when you have a verruca. I would just ask you to cover it with a plaster. This is as much to stop me touching it and then spreading the infection around the rest of your foot! (I do not do pedicures so cannot answer this part but I am sure it will be a similar thing, as long as you ensure it is covered). Relax and enjoy! Nicola

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Sophynails 5 years ago

It is definitely possible and in the case that someone had a verucca, I would always cover it in a layer of salycylic acid to reduce the risk of infection, before beginning the treatment. I am confident that any towels that came into contact with it would be boil washed afterwards to disinfect, as I have only ever worked in salons that did this. Any reputable salon would ensure that contamination would be eliminated by good hygiene practice, but it would be courteous to inform them of the problem first.

Jo-Bareham 5 years ago

It is still ok to have reflexology with a verucca. However, it's important that you cover it with a plaster before hand so the therapist can avoid the area.

MariaMSanchez 5 years ago

Verrucas are generally considered to be contagious, so for hygiene reasons they should be treated before you can have reflexology or pedicure. Said that, I know people who still treat the client with it, with very good hygiene before and after.....
In any case, bear in mind is virical so, your choice!
All the best for the New year!!!

Suzanne 5 years ago

I would not treat a client for a pedicure with a verruca, due to the risk of spreading infection with the foot baths etc. However if you cover the affected area with a plaster I would be happy to do a file and paint on the toes. I am not a reflexologist, so cannot advise

KirstensMassage 5 years ago

You definately should wait till there is no sign of verruca to have anything done to your feet. However, you can have reflexology done on your ears or hands.

SammyJ 5 years ago

In my opinion as a reflexologist, it is fine to have a treatment as long as you cover the area with a plaster. This is as much for me as it is for you reducing the risk of spreading it on your foot. I don't do pedicures but work alongside therapists that do & that have done the treatment with good hygeine practice before and after.
Sam ;)

MarciBodyRenewal 5 years ago

Verruca is contagious. I would advise not to have services done on the affected area until it clears up. However I have heard some reflexologist cover it with a plaster to avoid the risk of spreading the virus.

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