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Question: Is Ashiatsu massage also done on the front of the body or just on the back?

Asked by Donnie 3 years ago

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TheLogCabin 3 years ago

It's a Japanese based technique using the feet to perform a shiatsu type massage treatment, working on the back and legs.

Sources: http://www.wahanda.com/treatment/ashiatsu/description/

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ChristineUtopia 3 years ago

Shiatsu is similar to Thai Yoga Massage and works Front and back.

jlafrano 3 years ago

Ashiatsu is different than Shiatsu. Do not confuse the two. Ashiatsu is done with the feet and Shiatsu is done with the hands. Ashiatsu has many different names depending on the area it derives from. Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy (which is the most trusted barefoot bodywork in America) is done both prone and supine. It is also done with some clients in a side-lying position. If you wish to learn more as a therapist or as a potential client looking for an AOBT therapist please check out deepfeet.com.

Sources: deepfeet.com

tinab313 3 years ago

Yes, it is done on the front of the body. Although most therapists are trained on the front of the body because it requires additional training, It is fabulous work though!

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