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Question: I'm 38 weeks pregnant do u do any massages for just relaxing that will be right for me?

Asked by Leanneoxley 3 years ago

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greenspacesalons 3 years ago

Hi, At Green Space Salons we offer pregnancy massage which is great for relaxation and reducing tension in areas such as your feet. Visit http://www.greenspacesalons.co.uk to see a full treatment menu.

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healer98 3 years ago

Of course! Pregnancy massage is appropriate all way up until you're ready to deliver and can also be done while you're in labor.

Mandmassage 3 years ago

Hydrotherm massage is the only answer. http://www.amandarileytherapies.co.uk.
Just amazing everyone wants to come again for more.

TrevorKilleen-HairMakeupArtist 3 years ago

Hi there Leanne - at 38 weeks pregnancy there are several different types of massage that can be used to provide relaxation for you and more importantly relieve some of the discomfort related with the last trimester of a pregnancy. It is important however to avoid specific acupressure points that are associated with the induction of labour and certain aromatherapy oils which may do the same. In my practice I usually tailor make the treatment to suit the individual to ensure maximum benefit for mum and baby. I will also usually introduce the ideas of infant massage and have a chat about the benefits for the newborn infant. - Hope this is useful

Sources: http://www.trevorkilleen.com

jennremmel 3 years ago

Hello, Yes, we offer a pregnancy massage that relaxes you and is specific to pregnant women. This massage is different that normal massages because the therapist avoids the necessary pressure points you should stay away from while pregnant.
Please visit http://www.spanani.com

AngelaNorton 3 years ago

Hello Leanne, Massage can be a wonderfully relaxing treatment. I am qualified in pregancy massage and would be happy to discuss your needs further. Take a look at my website for my contact details and more information if you are in the north London area. http://www.enfieldmassagetherapy.com Angela

Nigel 3 years ago

Yes we do ..... and if you are very outfront you may lay on your side , alternatively pillows can be used to create a tummy nest...

Sources: http://www.massageandwellbeing.co.uk

Lordor 3 years ago

Hi Leanne, I have been giving Pregnancy Massage to ladies all the way through their pregnancy for a 17 years now. It is great for relieving back tension (you would lie on your side) and any aching legs and feet. You deserve to be pampered!

Sources: http://www.lorrainedoron.com

lirio 3 years ago

yes I do, you can have limphatic massage, or swedish massage, limphatic massage helps of swollen and circulation, swedish massage is good for relaxtion.
The Swedish massage has an immediate local and physiological effect on the part of the body being worked and it also effects the whole body through stimulation and relaxation of the nerves. It has physiological and psychological benefits and can effect all of the body systems in a positive way. Physiological effects improve skin tone, swelling, improving circulation, back pain, waste removal. Phychological effects relax the body, reducing tension and stress, relax the mind, reducing anxiety, give a lift to the emotions and increase positive feelings.

Sources: http://www.relaxingmassagetherapy.co.uk/massage.html

Fitinfitness 3 years ago

you can get any massage you like , important idea your position while you get massage and qualified expert because your have an other live in you.

Sources: http://www.fitinfitness.co.uk

HawaiianMassage 3 years ago

Hi Leanne
There’s a lovely relaxing side-lying lomi lomi massage that is great for pregnant women. I don’t know where you’re based, but if you’re in the South East of England, please give me a call. http://www.hawaiianbodywork.co.uk

Sources: (please paste in a web address, or cite the source, e.g. books, people)

Massage4London 3 years ago

Hi Leanne, I offer home visits for pregnancy massage. 1st session is half price. How does that sound?

miapreston 3 years ago

Hi Leanne

Massage during pregnancy, after the first 12 weeks, is perfectly safe and is a wonderful way to relax. I have 3 children and a fellow therpaist gave me treatments right up until I went into labour.

I am fully qualified and have a lot of experience working with pregnant mums and know which essential oils work best for maximum relaxation for yourself and baby. I do a fully body pamaper that massages you from head to toe. I work on relaxing you emotionally as well as physically. I'll do a consultation before and we will decide on the areas you'd like to be concentrated on, often pregnant women come to me with back ache and sore feet. this massage takes around 2 hours.

If you'd like something shorter I can concentrate on a specific body area such as the back, neck and shoulders or hands and feet. My service is very much a bespoke one that we create together to suit your needs on the day of the treatment. Please feel free to contact me on 07825 076 935 if you want to chat more indepth and privately or just want some advice about which essential oils to use. I can also help make up some creams and inhalations with essential oils that exstensive research has shown to make a significant difference during labour.

Whatever you decide I wish good luck for the future, its and exciting time and well worht it.

kind regards


Sources: http://www.ivillage.co.uk/aromatherapy-during-labour/81553

Colinkentrt 3 years ago

Hi Leanne

Please call me to discuss 01795 873452 or 07949 279589



tink10 3 years ago

Massage is a lovely treat for expectant ladies, a facial, foot leg massage is lovely, most salon dont like to do any sort of treatments in the early stages of pregancy, but once over the 3 months you are fine to have gentle massage it is so relaxing 7 benificial too. Congratulation by the way.

Parkuss 3 years ago

Hello Leanne, thanks for your question.
Although I would need to avoid certain points, I could work on the head, neck, shoulders and upper back, and I also offer reflexology which can be practised on the hands or feet. If you feel the hips, legs and lower back need attention it is safe to work gently in that area, with you lying on one side.
As a physiotherapist I have treated many pregnant ladies, and can offer a variety of advice if required.

Kind regards

Sources: http://www.edgwarephysio.com

TheLogCabin 3 years ago

Here at The Log Cabin we provide a pregnancy massage and we also provide Reiki treatments which are beneficial to both you and your baby. Massage during pregnancy is safe after the first trimester, at 38 weeks you would be positioned on your side for comfort rather than traditional massage positions of on front or back and adequate support or pillows would be given wherever required. Go ahead, treat yourself while you have the time before your baby arrives!

AndrewWolfeLMP 3 years ago

.Yes. There are some points on the ankle you want to avoid deep pressure they can induce labor, otherwise there is not reason why someone pregnant can't receive massage unless dictated my your health care provider. I had one patient who received a massage from me and the following day delivered her baby. I had another patient whose baby was positioned breach in her womb and I was able to work with the mother (who can to me because of hip pain). She called exited the following day of her massage and informed me the baby had dropped into correct position.

7thHeavenTherapies 3 years ago

Hi, if you want a relaxing massage in your late pregancy we can take care of you and help you with any tension in the areas that all the mother to be experience. Visit my web if you are near by my area. http://www.seventhheaventherapies.co.uk

laurasmobilebeautytreats 3 years ago

I have massaged lots of pregnant women. See my website below and let me know if you would like to book.

Sources: http://www.laurasmobilebeautytreats.com

shabana786 3 years ago

A massage is a great treat for a pregnant woman. After a massage, not only will your body feel better, and less fatigued, but your mental and emotional state may be better too. In addition, massage therapy helps with circulation and with muscle joint pain.

Sources: http://www.howtodothings.com/family-and-relationships/a2765-how-to-receive-massage-therapy-during-pregnancy.html

PaolaEnergya 3 years ago

Hi Leanne

When I work with pregnant clients I tend to offer a bespoke service mixing manual lymphatic drainage for the legs, some medium pressure Swedish massage for the back (and as my colleague have rightly pointed out avoiding some specific pressure points that could induce labour), natural facelift for the face.

Working on the sides and in the supine position, using pillows to prop and support the client for maximum comfort.

Enjoy your pregnancy massages, whomever you choose to book with!

Sources: http://www.energya.co.uk

VictoriaMary 3 years ago

Yes, the Washington Institute does pregnancy massage wit two practitioners. Feel free to call for details. This massage is very relaxing and can aslo help with pain.

Dr. Victoria Goldsten, HD
Washington Institute of Natural Medicine
5101 Wisconsin Ave., N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20016
(202) 237-7681
(202) 686-8202

Sources: http://www.NaturalHealthDC.com

u-beauty 3 years ago

Hello Thank you for enquiring unfortunatley i am not qualified in pregnancy massage but there are alot of places that do it. Good luck i hope everything goes well. I hope i can help with any future treatments.
Kind Regards U-beauty

HolisticWellbeing 3 years ago

Hi Leanne, I can offer you a relaxing head, shoulder and foot massage using appropriate essential oils for pregnancy. Please email me if you would like more details or have any further questions.

VickyT 3 years ago

Hi Leanne
At The Dragon Tree I can offer pregnancy massage up to due date as long as the pregnancy is normal. It can help with relaxation, aching back, shortness of breath, swollen ankles and release endorphins which can reach the baby. I have a treatment room at home, a room at The Cottage in Timberhill, Norwich, and offer mobile massage for the Norwich area. Please visit http://www.holisticbodyworknorwich.co.uk or thecottagebeauty.co.uk. for more details. If you are elsewhere, I would just say if you do have a massage make sure the therapist is qualified in pregnancy massage. Good luck !

TheNorthSpa 3 years ago

Hi Leanne here at the north spa http://www.thenorthspa.co.uk we offer floatation therapy aswell as massage for pregnant ladies the floatation therapy is safe for the vwhole 9mth term and has been recommended in pregnency and birth magazine as one of the best ways to relax and relieve tired muscles etc when pregnant give us a call on 01744 755702

LisaSherwoodLMT 3 years ago

Pregnancy massage can be done at anytime, It so helps with all the aches and pain from all the tendons and ligaments stretching,at Elements Therapeutic Massage we offer a fantastic pregnancy massage.

Sources: http://touchofelements.com/westlinn

MassageJanny 3 years ago

Massage of the back is very good.Also my experiences are that the woman have a very good borth and the woman get very quickly back in good healnessThe massage.ones in the week..
And vitamines multi for pregnant and vit c.

Sources: http://www.massagejanny.com

JaneHobbs 3 years ago

Hi Leanne - I'm a practising pregnancy massage therapist and baby massage tutor
based in Edgbaston, Birmingham and have worked with lots of pregnant women. Massage is wonderful during pregnancy as it relieves all the discomfort associated with carrying around a big bump! Many of my clients say they feel human again after having a massage. See my web site for details - http://www.therapy-hub.com

TherapeuticTouch 3 years ago

I’ll start by saying you need to: "Step outside the Stereotyping -Massage is MUCH more than Pampering and Relaxation!” ™ This has always been my motto. I’m not sure whether this is your first baby or not but in my opinion when I was pregnant I wanted MORE than just to be relaxed. I had aches and pains and felt VERY uncomfortable especially toward the end. The most important thing is not just relaxing but making sure the therapist you receive therapy from is educated in pregnancy massage and has official training. Many therapists do not have the proper training but perform many massages...I on the other hand have worked on numerous clients all with different conditions. I have my diploma (basic training) and a college medical degree in Medical Massage, as well as numerous other titles earned through the years from seminars, workshops, courses etc. I’ve been a massage therapists for nearly 20 years. I’m a certified Pregnancy / Postpartum Therapist and Doula Labor Therapist (coach) as well, which I make hospital visits for. (All of which I can back up.) The type of therapy I offer my pregnancy clients does so much more than just “relaxing”! I help prepare mommy’s body for baby, while reducing anxiety, stress, and tension. I help decrease symptoms of depression, relieve muscle aches and joint pains, and improve labor outcomes and newborn health. Many of my clients have told me I’ve helped with: Reduction of back pain, muscle pain and joint pain. Improved their circulation and reduced edema (swelling), especially in the lower extremities. Helped reduced muscle tension and improved their quality of sleep. Helped get rid of headaches and helped them feel at ease (relaxation). Help reduced their stresses, apprehension, and anxiety that comes along with having a baby. Helped with improving oxygenation of soft tissues and muscles, i.e. reducing the visibility of stretch marks. Help many times with Sciatic nerve pains. Oh, I’m also able to turn babies that were breech, there are not many therapist who know how to do that. So, now that you’ve heard what I can do as a trained pregnancy therapist – should “just relaxing” be your focal point -is that really all you really want / need?? There is MUCH more you can get when you look outside the realms of “SPA”. Don't get me wrong -spa has its place...but you need to think about what you really want - you are paying for a service...don't you want it to help you instead of "just relaxing" you...

Good Luck to you! Many Blessing

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