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Question: My nails are splitting. How do I stop it from happening?

Asked by Parti 3 years ago

1 answer

I eat well and have been taking zinc supplements since this started happening. I also tried a nail strengthener and that didn't help either.


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NAILSBYMETS 3 years ago

Hi Parti, do you have any deficiencies? E.g. calcium? Are you anaemic etc? Which nail strengthener did you try? I would highly recommend OPI Nail Envy and make sure you use cuticle oil twice daily. I recommend CND Solar Oil - make sure you put this on the cuticle area, the sides of your nails and your nail itself. Massage all over the nail and cuticle/side area. This will give your nail nourishment and make it more flexible and less prone to splitting or breaking. Use in conjunction with Nail Envy and see how you get on.

Sources: http://www.nailsbymets.com

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Parti 3 years ago

I don't think I'm lacking calcium and I take an iron supplement everyday along with a zinc tablet. I have used an opi product, but it wasn't nail envy. OK I'll try it!!

Mobilenailtechwaxing 3 years ago

On top of what has already been advised it may be a good idea to undertake regular hot oil manicures...these are fabulous and help with many nail conditions such as weak and splitting nails.
Good luck xxx

StoneAgeQueen 3 years ago

I just wanted to say that Nail Envy really helped my nails (when they were very dry after having biosculpture three times in a row eek!) I also swear by Essie Apricot oil every night before bed. Both these products made a difference to me. Best wishes!

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