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Question: I have suffered from back pain for years - does Alexander Technique really work?

Asked by Rhian 3 years ago

2 answers

Basically i'm fed up of spending money on various treatements which dont make it any better!

Alexander Technique

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MMC123 3 years ago


The Alexander Technique may help, as it attempts to educate you (and your body) to improve posture and breathing. However, I think it's important to find out what is actually causing the back problem. It's only then that you can decide on the best course of action. For example if its muscular or skeletal you may need benefit from deep tissue massage or myofascial release massage.

You mention you have spent a lot of money on various treatments. What have you tried and what were your expectations from the treatments? Did you keep up with the treatments or abandon them after one or two sessions?

Don't give up because chronic back problems can be helped in many ways. Find a good therapist and ask lots of questions before you agree to further treatments. Always ask what results you can expect and over what period. By working with your therapist and identifying the differences in how you feel after each treatment you should find your back condition will improve.

Hope this helps and if you need any further advice just ask!

MMC Holistic Therapies

Sources: http://www.pamperpartiesnorthwest.co.uk

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Rhian 3 years ago

Thanks for this! Yes i'm seeing a Dr at the moment - just had an injection for my slipped disc and thinking about the best recovery plan - so far i think alexander technique and pilates are my best options.

AlexanderTechniqueTeacher 3 years ago

Please also consider that you may need a combination of therapeutic intervention (massage, myofascial release work, medication, surgery) and the longer-term change of bad habits to prevent recurrences - which is what the Alexander Technique is uniquely able to provide. Since you've had the injection, by all means follow up with Alexander Technique and learn to do everything - including Pilates, if you choose - in a way that helps your spine instead of hurts it.

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margarita01 3 years ago

Try it for free, it's the best answer :)

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