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Question: Always looked after my skin I am now experiencing large open pore what is the best treatment.

Asked by aoliver 3 years ago

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tink10 3 years ago

Cleanse your skin twice a day, exfoliate once a week to tighten pores use cold water after cleansing or toner Micro dermobrasion is a good solution if you have congested pores as the vacume action & exfoliation blasts pores, if your using creams to thick tehy can clog pores opening them up.

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bodysilk 3 years ago

try Obagi CLENZIderm - treatment for acne and open pores. Also, try one of our facials with Line A ampoule from the Dr Belter range, especifically designed for treatment of open pores and sebum balance. More info on http://www.bodysilk.co.uk. Any questioned, pls call us onto 02072835800.

Sources: http://www.bodysilk.co.uk

lirio 3 years ago

I offer a range of skin facial treatments for all skin types and conditions. I analyse your skin condition and advise on which facial treatments is best for your individual needs. You will also receive a relaxing face, neck, and shoulder massage with every facial treatment carried out in my place.

All facials products used are hypoalergenicos from Brazil, natural and mineral.

Detoxifying Facial

Increases circulation and flushes out impurities thus leaving a bright and improved texture.

Oxygenate Facial
This facial will oxygenate, revitalise and kick start the skins cells to life.

Sources: http://www.relaxingmassagetherapy.co.uk/facial.html

jennremmel 3 years ago

Try getting on a normal twice a day, morning and evening cleansing, toning, moisturizing. regimnent. Use cold water as this helps shrink large pores. Do not steam the face or use hot water. Use an exfoliation once a week. Glycerin is the best home remedy for large pores. Apply a sufficient amount of glycerin following your morning and evenig regiment before te moisturizer and leave it on for 30 min. then wash off with cold water and apply moisturizer. Make sure your using water based products. If you want to use something not as homeopathic, some alpha-hydroxy and betahhydroxy acids will help shrink large pores.

AllOverBeauty 3 years ago

I would recommend using a glycolic cleanser daily,along with a treatment product containing Glycolic and Vitamin A(retinol) such as Dermaquest Retexture serum,or Rejuverderm.Also make sure your moisturiser is oil free.You may also benefit from a mild chemical peel.

Sources: http://www.all-over-beauty.co.uk

bbeautiful4u 3 years ago

As we get oldere the pores becomes bigger not always due to congestion it can also be caused by dead skin getting caught in the pores , Galvanic facials, this is a two phase treatment the first is a deep cleansing the sceond a regenerating and hydrating. ( to gain the best benifit needs to be done as a course) this can help reduce the size of the pores, or a microdermabrasion course

Sources: http://www.bbeautiful4u.co.uk

FacesbyRobin-LE 3 years ago

Pores appear to become larger as we age due to the loss of elasticity of the skin. The best advice that I can offer is that you continue to take care of your skin by keeping the proes clean and free of cellular debris. You can also minimize their appearance with precise make-up application or make-up primer.
And, do not be decieved by products or procedures that promise to shrink the pores. Unfortunately, nothing can or will actually shrink your pores at this point.

JennyONeill 3 years ago

Your best bet would be to have an age smart dermalogica facial which has some lactic acid peel incorporated, follow by a course of 3 medical microdermabrasion treatments and normal skin care routine, exfoliateing at least twice a week. If you call us on 01787 211000 and sapeak to Aleksandra, she can talk through what you should be doing.
Hope this helps Jenny

Sources: http://www.suffolkmedicalclinic.co.uk

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mischicks 3 years ago

As you get older your pores can get larger. As you stated you have always looked after your skin so I would recommend to try prolegene gel from decleor. It can be mixed with your normal day time and night time moisturiser and I hve seen great results from it. This bot only helps minimise pores but will also help scarring and Mark on the skin as well as being anti ageing. And no need to change your routine x

laurasmobilebeautytreats 3 years ago

I would recommend Microdermabrasion treatment and a good cleansing routine. Dermalogica is pretty good as are Environ and Clarins. See a specialist to get the recommended products for your skin.

Sources: http://www.laurasmobilebeautytreats.com

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