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Question: What's the best way to get rid of stretch marks?

Asked by didib 3 years ago

11 answers

I gave birth to a 10lb 3oz baby 12 weeks ago and needless to say my belly is covered in stretch marks. I used Bio oil and Palmers cocoa butter all through my pregnancy so I'm looking for other ways to get rid or dull my stretch marks.

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JaneyB 3 years ago

Congratulations on the birth - but what a whopper!

Collagen Stimulation Therapy would be fantastic for this. See my website rejuvenateme.org
for further details.



Sources: http://www.rejuvenateme.org

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skinspecialists 3 years ago

Hi and congratulations on the birth of your baby! I would agree with some of the other answers that Collagen Stimulation Therapy would be by far the best option for you, as it is the least invasive way to make a positive difference to your skin's elasticity and appearance.
The sooner you can begin, the better, as always when dealing with stretch marks, but Collagen Stimulation Therapy is great for older stretch marks too.
The results really are incredible, and I hope that you will find a practitoner near you and get some further advice.

Sources: http://www.watersedgeclinic.co.uk

VickieN 3 years ago

Collagen Stimulation Therapy is also known as Dermaroller treatment - the lattter being the original method. Both work on the same principles. Ideal for stretch marks - we are getting fantastic results in our clinic. You will see an improvement straight away. For more information including before and after pictures please see our website. Free consultations are available from our London and Essex based clinics.

Sources: http://www.complete-rejuvenation.co.uk

DianeNivern 3 years ago

Firstly congratulations on your baby! Wow what a whopper!

I strongly recommend a dermaroller collagen stimulation treatment using at least a 2mm needle roller to get deep into the tears and re vascularise the rips in the collagen and tissue.

For best results the sooner you can get your first treatment - whilst the stretch marks are still reddened the better.

In my Manchester clinic I offer a combination treatment ;
The first stage is a SWiCH Rejuvenation treatment to stimulate the cellular activity
Then two weeks later I would do the first Dermaroller Treatment
I apply sterile mixtures of specific peptides, vitamins,minerals, human fibroblast cells and skin growth factors onto the skin during the treatment to encourage collagen proliferation and healing.

Several treatments will be needed at least 6 weeks apart.

The stretch marks will never return to the same appearance as uninjured skin but they fade, flatten, contract and smooth considerably.

Diane Nivern
Diane Nivern Clinic of Advanced Skincare and Medical Aesthetics
0161 796 1169

Twitter @dianenivern

Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Diane-Nivern-Clinic-Ltd/57682543887

Sources: http://www.dianenivern.com/skin-needling.asp

Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Diane-Nivern-Clinic-Ltd/57682543887

SurfaceB 3 years ago

Hi didib, the dermal roller is a great way to diminish stretch marks, i had mine done and it was fantastic. The results were phenomenal, good luck with your search.

Sources: http://www.surfacebeauty.co.uk

SurfaceB 3 years ago

Hi didib, the dermal roller is a great way to diminish stretch marks, i have done many of these treatments and results are fantastic. good luck with your search. Have a look at the website & see what you think.

Sources: http://www.surfacebeauty.co.uk

sue54 3 years ago

Collagen Induction Therapy will be excellent for you.,
Please ring 02084592020 to ask where your nearest ENVIRON stockist is.
Good luck

Sources: http://www.bowsbeauty.com

traceybell 3 years ago

Hi there - at Tracey Bell we declare war on cellulite and stretch marks using a new technology treatment - Velashape. This combines Infra Red, Radiofrequency and deep tissue massage to firm, tighten and minimise imperfections for a fab result. This treatment is ideal for new mums looking for a treatment to not only shape them , but improve condition of the skin as well. Prices start from £250 - see the treatment at work on http://www.youtube.com/traceybellchannel

Sources: http://www.traceybell.co.uk

RegNurse 3 years ago

Hi - congratulations on the birth of your baby. Medical needling is definitely the best way to get rid of those stretch marks, I have been treating ladies with this problem and get great results. Have a look at a demo of it on my website: http://www.indulgencebeauty.me.uk/microneedling.htm
Best wishes from Tracy

MBNS57 3 years ago


The newest technology for treating stretch marks is called ‘Matrix RF Fractional Skin Resurfacing’. Matrix RF works by frequency energy being precisely directed to tiny matrix spots. The healthy skin around the marks accelerates the healing process of the skin. Post treatment, you may notice increased levels of beneficial collagen, and the texture of your skin becomes smooth and elastic. We are the first of two clinics in the UK to offer this treatment; it is the latest technology in Medical Aestetics!

We've seen amazing results from this treatment, please visit our website for full details http://www.mbnsclinic.co.uk

Kind regards,

MBNS Clinic

Sources: http://www.mbnsclinic.co.uk

JohnSheffield 3 years ago

Dear Didbo
We have a few options here at the Skin & Laser Clinic Tunbridge Wells for stretch marks. It would be best if you could come along for a free consultation so that we can assess the area and advise you of the best treatment for you.
Our number is 01892 535577.

Sources: http://www.skinlc.co.uk

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