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Question: Will EC help for small whole in eardrum after a patch procedure failed?

Asked by SwimGirl 3 years ago

7 answers

Chronic itchy ear canal led to eardrum perforation. Small hole abraised and patched by MD to speed healing after 2 mos of going nowhere.
3 wks post patch, hole still there and feels wet in there. Had antibiotics twice for ear in last 2mos. No infection currently.

Ear Candling

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TA-oR 3 years ago

Hi there- it is my understanding that ear candles should NEVER be used where there is a lack of eardrum or a perforation of the ear drum. Although ear candles are amazing for many disorders within and relating to the the ear, nose and throat, I wouldn't recommend using them if you have a perforation. If you did, you'd most likely experience quite a lot of pain. Hope that helps...

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CleansingforLife 3 years ago

It sounds as if there might be a fungal infection in your ear which would prevent healing and made worse by antibiotics. Aloe vera used as ear drops (aloe gold from higher nature -use droper to inject inside ear canal- is my prefered one) and probiotic gargle (ultra-probioplex from metagenics 1 tsp per gargle swallow after gargling) would help healing as well as address any possible under-lying fungal infections.
For a more systemic and wholistic approch to raising immunity and improving resistance to fungal infection detoxification and colonics can be very helpful with some dietary measures

Sources: http://www.revital.co.uk/Metagenics_Ultra_Probioplex_Powder

Suze49 3 years ago

A resounding NO to the ear candles, they should never be used where there is a perforation, grommits or if you have had surgery in the last 3 month,. to name a few.
Hope that helps

holisticelegance 3 years ago

Hiya, Unfortunately ear candling treatment cant be performed when the client has a perforated ear drum. Due to the chimney effect the client would experience extreme pain.

L x

ColonHydrotherapist 3 years ago

Hi if your ears are perforated then unfortunalty you would not be able to have ear hopi candling as its a contraindication.
I hope this Helps
Pure Cleanse

FloratherapyDRC 3 years ago

As the others indicated, ear candling should not be done with this condition. The following could prove helpful. 4 drops palmarosa essential oil, 4 drops Manuka essential oiloil, 3 drops geranium essential oil mixed in a 15ml dropper bottle with 1/3rd rose hip carrier oil and fill the remaining with jojoba carrier oil. Put 2 drops on a q-tip to wipe in the ear. This mix is an antiviral/antibacterial with skin regeneratives.

The other suggestion of Aloe Vera is good too. But I would add Rose hip oil until it gets watery. Then use it on a q-tip or dropper.

Pam01 3 years ago

Ear candling is NOT appropriate whist the ear drum is damaged or if any oil etc being used within the ear. if the ear drum is damaged the canlding proceedure would be very uncomfortable and possibly very painful. hope this helps

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